Thursday, 6 November 2014

Tiny Wings is PERFECT

It's been some time since I posted on this site, as the majority of my writing efforts have been going towards my reviews for (as well as a few other projects I am not at liberty to mention here.)

But the time has come for me to get something out of my brain and out into the world.
The perfection that is Tiny Wings, a simple and adorable game on iOS.

This is an opinion that no doubts may baffle many, Tiny Wings is a very simple game, with countless clones on the market and not a great deal of publicity.
But within this simple little game I believe is an example of absolute perfection in design, a harmony of elements coming together in a unity so pristine the game could be considered a figurative diamond.

What I believe to be so special about Tiny Wings is how it utterly and absolutely it embodies happiness.
Every single aspect of the game is so specifically designed to fill you with a blissful, relaxing joy, and at no point is this dedication ever betrayed by a design flaw.
The premise of the game is simple enough, you take control of a small bird with the titular tiny wings.
The bird's one and only dream is to fly, but it's minute appendages restrict it from doing so.
And so the bird slides down and up hills using it's gained momentum to fling itself into the air or a few brief moments so it can experience the weightless bliss of soaring through the air like it's more aeronautically talented cousins.

The core mechanics of the game are entirely built around the purpose of bringing joy into the life of our small feathered protagonist.
When you do especially well and launch perfectly three times in a row you will fly especially high, touching the clouds, and the bird will be overjoyed with this success and indulge in a "yahooo!" that could give Mario a run for his money.
When you don't do so well and awkwardly lose all momentum, the bird doesn't get hurt or  even sound especially upset.
Instead the bird simply makes a sound akin to an "oh well" and carries on going knowing that there are limitless hills offering limitless chances to continue it's blissful hobby.

And best of all? When you run out of time and find yourself at the end of the level, rather than ending in the death or similar unpleasant outcomes, the bird simply falls asleep, worn out from it's day of intense fun and regains it's energy ready to start again the moment the sun comes up tomorrow.

Tiny Wings is an incredibly rare example of games where the only goal is to make something happy with a complete inability to cause any displeasure.
The perpetually upbeat 
music and vibrant children’s book art style only enhance the blissful aura that the game exudes.

Tiny Wings is an example of all aspects of game design working in perfect harmony, something that many other developers might look to as a wonderful little bead of inspiration the next time they are considering what music to put to their chainsaw decapitations.


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