Saturday, 9 November 2013

People without a gaming pc are "Cheap and Lazy".

This is yet another reply to a reply I found on a gaming news site.
To give a little bit of context, the article was discussing World of Warcraft updating it's character models and had a lot of people complaining that the upgrade wasn't good enough.

It started off as a fairly simple conversation about why Blizzard, the developers of the game, might have an incentive to avoid having the game push hardware at all.
It quickly took a turn and became quite a rant from me when I read a comment stating that anybody who didn't upgrade to a more powerful gaming pc was "Cheap and Lazy" which struck me as immensely ignorant and a perfect example of one of the many mentalities that does all kinds of damage to the reputation of gaming both as a culture and as a medium as well as the communities that grow around it.

While I can understand why you might feel that way, I think you need to consider what the vast majority of developers would really consider to be more important.

Pushing technological boundaries but massively limiting their audience or designing the game in a way that makes it most accessible to a lot of people.

There are some people that do want to go for that niche audience.
Look at CryTech. For years you couldn't read a gaming article without some reference to "but can it play Crysis?" pop up.
Look at what the guys making The Witcher are doing.

There are devs making incredible things on PC and doing well for it.
But Blizzard make games that are accessible.
If WoW was a massively demanding game it wouldn't have been the worlds most popular game and survived with a subscription model for nearly as long as it has, if it got to that state at all.

Betterment of technology can only appeal so much to a company when their efforts fail to give them the money needed to survive.

And as an addition, "cheap lazy people" is incredibly ignorant of you.
Not everybody is in a situation to afford newer pc's, and there are a lot of people that could do but prefer playing on console.
It isn't a matter of them being lazy or stupid and thinking that is the case just proves how narrow minded and somewhat pathetic you are.
PC's for many people are what you use for work, and despite the fact that gaming is possible on them there is still a distinct definition between using something multifunctional and something made for a specific purpose.

Then think about the amount of gamers that rely on others to buy them their gaming devices.
Parents who aren't very technically minded and wouldn't even know where to begin purchasing a gaming pc, let alone knowing how to set it up for their child, install steam, download and install games, install proper antivirus software, update drivers and computer components when the time came for it...
Or they could go out and buy a console that does almost everything automatically, and what it doesn't has very clear and precise instructions to go along with it.

The vast majority of gamers are not people like us who read up on gaming news and know all the details about the medium and all of it's intricacies.
A lot of gamers might not even realist that a pc designed specifically for gaming is a big thing.
But they do know that you can walk into a game shop, pick up a console and a few games, plug it in and then play those games.
In a few years time, a new one will come out and you can go get that one too.

There's no checking specs, or comparing technical aspects of consoles to decide which to buy, or upgrading graphics cards or RAM or anything like that.
The games just work and you never need to think about it.
If it doesn't work too well, it isn't a problem with the console, it's a problem with the game.
You don't need to consider going out and buying a new component to fix the problem, you just wait for a patch to fix it.

If you prefer gaming on the pc then I am glad for you, and it's perfectly reasonable for you to consider it the premier gaming platform.
But looking down upon people that choose to enjoy this hobby in any other way is pathetic and is something that does nothing at all to help the betterment of the industry, the reputation of pc gamers or gamers as a whole.

Games should be something that bring people together.
They are a piece of media created with the intent of giving us enjoyment.
And people are free to choose their preferred means of taking part in that in whatever way they desire without others making disdainful and ridiculous remarks about them as a person due to that preference.


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