Sunday, 7 July 2013

Job Search & YouTube Hassle

So since leaving Uni my job search has intensified quite substantially.

I had foolishly thought to myself that it would be pretty darn easy getting a job once I was free of education, but alas it seems that isn't the case...

Searching for jobs related to illustration/animation almost persistently seem to bring back results for graphic design which can make the entire ordeal pretty frustrating at times.
I've also been looking for pretty much any part-time job I can get to make money for living but having free time to continue with my artwork until that can eventually become a livelihood.

Of course I would prefer a job revolving around illustration or animation in some way, I've applied to quite a few that look great but getting replies always seems to take quite a while if I get one at all, and the websites that show the number of applicants for each job listing are usually staggeringly high!
So that's been the vast majority of my time allocation as of late, though I do have a few other projects I'm working on that hopefully will be able to surface soon.

I have one thing I really want to start working on, but YouTube customer service has proven to be an absolute appalling ordeal to go through.
I've been emailing the same guy for 2-3 days and half the time he just copy and pastes the same response to my questions even though the information he is giving me is completely irrelevant.
Any replies that differ from the copy and paste formula have been even more completely irrelevant information that has no bering on the questions I'm asking, so I'm fairly certain the guy isn't even making an attempt to read through the emails I send.

Hopefully I'll manage to get some amount of a resolution in the issues though, and I'll be able to get on with fun projects!


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