Monday, 24 June 2013

End of Year Show

Last week my end of year show was taking place at what is now my old University.
The lead up to the event proved to be quite troublesome, specifically when items I should have had to display didn't (and still haven't) turned up.
I managed to piece it together though, and I'm quite pleased with the pieces I had on display.

My initial plan was to have the left wall very different, but I suppose that's what I get for relying on a printing company to do something on time.

As can be seen in the image, I had a table set up from which I managed to sell a good amount of my skeleton stickers which was an added bonus for the event, although Zara of Bunny Brush/Happy Accidents fame completely any amount I earned out of the water the moment she started selling her frames for £50 to random attendees.

Of course Zara, Alison and Ayesha all had their own beautiful work on show there too, which you can see by taking a look at Zara's latest Happy Accidents blog post.

Now that all of this education business is over and done with, I find myself with a good deal of spare time in need of filling and an empty wallet yearning for some currency.
Which is another way of saying I'm looking for a job, but my word if that isn't just the most awkward thing to do right now.
I'm surprised anything in England is still running because every opening I see is for a manager.

But to skip to the point where this becomes more relevant to you, once I find myself in a more comfortable position with money I will be adding a good few new items to the shop on OddDino, including the "Hulk Mash" shirt you can see in the photo's above.

Hopefully this will occur sooner than later.
Saturday, 8 June 2013

University Shop

University is pretty much done now for me, which feels a strange thing to be saying.
I had fooled myself into thinking after finishing off my dissertation things would get a bit easier, but my word was I wrong!
I've treated myself to quite a lot of late nights and the whole Uni group worked as late as we could before the security kicked us out each day.

But that is done now, and all I have left to is sit and wait to hear the results.
Everything fell together literally last minute due to a whole load of highly unorganised behaviour on the behalf of both tutors and admittedly myself, so I'm not entirely sure what to think of my work.
I also have half of my end of year show still a blank wall because I've been waiting on a jacket to arrive all week. The printers in the university are also a very awkward affair, as you need to pay for prints in an area completely separate to the printers.
You walk down the stairs to pay for the prints and half the time there is nobody to pay, so you can't get the prints.
You manage to pay for the prints, but you go to the printers to give them the files and show them you payed but there is nobody there, so you can't get the prints!

Because of that I still have a few images I could have stuck up by now but so far as I can tell half the staff wasn't in on Friday.

But now I have my complaining out of the way, let us talk about something a little more pleasant!
As some of you may have noticed,  a little while ago I added a new "Shop" page to OddDino.
At the moment there is only one product, a lovely set of stickers that allows you to build your own skeleton!

But soon enough, more will be added!
I have a number of things planned that will be up for sale, though some may take longer to add than others.

Here is a little sneak peak of what I presume will be the next item added to the shop, after that there will be something I find particularly exciting, but that can stay a secret just a little longer!

These are some very lovely travel wallets!
You can put your train tickets in there, your bus passes in there, or even other things that are small and rectangular in shape!
Its amazing!
At the moment there are 2 designs, Roadkill (the one in the photograph I have been using for about 3 months now myself) and the Bendy-Bus Pass.
I have a few more ideas for them so I may just be adding more at a later date!

So look forward to those soon, and then look forward again to the thing coming up after that!