Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Dissertation, Happy Accidents

I've been rather quiet on the internet lately other than the odd doodle or tweet, and for those of you who do not know the reason for this is my dissertation.
I'm coming up to the end of University and had a dissertation to write, which has dominated my work time for the past month or two.
Thankfully though, the task is complete!

I got it printed and handed in today, two for Uni and one for me to keep and look back on in disgust in a few years.

Having the damn thing finally finished is pretty darn satisfying, especially because I've essentially felt too obliged to finish the dissertation to work on anything else.

One thing I managed to spare time for however is a new blog/website me and three friends from University have been putting together!

Take a look at Happy Accidents, or www.HAArtists.co.uk, where each of us will be posting once a week just showing off a piece of our work or talking about an artist we like or whatever else might take our interest at the time!

I've posted a few drawings on the site so far, like this dinosaur!
And a bunch more you can see in this post.
There's also a suave gin-drinking dino-man and a piece of Bioshock Infinite fan art!

I'll be posting on the blog every Monday (or very very early Tuesday) and on various other days of the week you can see some lovely posts by my bestest buddies, Alison, Ayesha and Zara!