Saturday, 5 January 2013

2013 dump.

Happy new year everybody!

I am full of an equal mix of dread and hope looking forwards into 2013.
I have a pretty big check list of things to get done, and most of the items on the list are things I can't avoid or even delay at all.

2013 is the year I will be leaving University, and right now I have no plans at all to go on to do any more courses.
My time at College/Uni has been fun, but I'm looking forward to leaving and having the chance to work on what I really want to without feeling the pressure of having to work in a manner that doesn't feel natural to me.

University work comes with a lot of formality that just doesn't feel right to me, and at times I feel a lot, though not all, of tutors aren't quite capable of seeing the work from my perspective.
This is a situation I feel I was in a lot over the last 3 years:

There not bad tutors or anything, I just feel that my tastes are a little lost of most of them the majority of the time, and this is my first mind dump of the year and all so I don't want to bitch too much.
I'll quickly by summarising my last few weeks:

The Hobbit is amazing.
Cloud Atlas is great.
Life of Pi is pretty damn good.
Far Cry 3 is fantastic.
Silent Hill 2, still as fantastic as ever.
Knytt Underground, everything but the character art is beautiful.
Trying to eat more healthy, more apples to go with my pizza.

I will possibly talk about some of these in more detail in the future.

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