Monday, 19 November 2012

Thought Bubble & Doodles

Thought Bubble, my local comic/anime/fun things convention was this weekend and as usual I went along to purchase myself some lovely new books and try meet a few people I admire.

I didn't take my camera like I did last year, so I couldn't get pictures, but I did get a lot more goodies this time around which is a good trade off in my eyes!

I got the book of My Cardboard Life, a very unique webcomic I really enjoy, and was really surprised by just how amazing the quality is.
I'm not normally one to be so taken by print quality but the images in the book look beautiful and really show off the amazing work of Philippa Rice. (she was also a very friendly lady)

I also got my hands on Deadbeats, the new book by Chad Fifer and Chris Lackey of the H.P.Podcraft Literary Podcast (who I have met previously) with art by the fantastic I.N.J Culbard.
I'm a sucker for pretty much anything Lovecraftian in nature, and Deadbeats is easily one of the better Lovecraft themed graphic novels I have had the pleasure of reading.

I also got some books signed by Simone Lia, who I didn't get the chance to meet at last years convention but more than made up for it in lovelyness this year!

I'm yet to read the other books I got on the day, but I will be doing so throughout the next few days.

In other, possibly less exciting news, I have scanned some more doodles, two Adventure Time pictures, some quick drawings of my old friend Simon Eyeballman and some kind of strange bush monster.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Plenty of Doodles.