Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Just a few weeks ago the first issue of Godzilla: The Half Century War came out. I love the artist working on the comic, James Stokoe, and his previous comic Orc Stain.

I'm also quite partial to Godzilla, so after reading the comic I decided to draw a Godzilla of my own.
Much more impressive than Stokoe's art, I know.

Luckily it also fits in fairly well with this week's Illustration Friday topic "tall", which is good.
I really should submit more to that website. (and update this one more often whilst I'm at it)

I had a hell of a lot of problems with this image, I was initially going to colour it but my scanner is very bad at picking up particularly light or dark areas, its all in the middle.
This means that small details I put into the ocean and and glass and the clouds, anything particularly light, don't show up in the uploaded version.
I also end up having lots of trouble getting the darker areas to contrast as much as they should without more of the lighter shades vanishing completely or becoming very nasty and pixelated.
In the end I decided it would be best just to upload it as it is now, with barely any change other than a slight tweak to the levels and contrast.