Monday, 7 May 2012

Site Updates & Dino Poll

So I've made a few updates to the site.
The most apparent is probably the new banner.
The last one had a tendency to glitch and start repeating its self for some reason, and I'm not even so sure I liked it that much anyway.

This new one is much more to my tastes.

I've also updated the Animations page with a few little bits of information and swapped the video hosts from YouTube to Vimeo, mainly just because I prefer the format.

I don't have many drawings I can upload at the moment, and I'm still working away on my Drawing Studies whenever I'm not procrastinating with a game, film or book.

I do however have these here Dino's, both drawn traditionally, but one coloured with inks and the other digitally.

I'm quite interested to know which people prefer, so those of you who visit my site fairly regularly (I know you exist, there are records that say so!) please take a second to vote on the poll below the image to let me know, or even write a comment on this post going in to a bit more detail if you're feeling especially generous!

Which Dino do you prefer?