Sunday, 5 February 2012

Working Working Working. (Hourly Comic Failure)

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I am determined to create a book this year, if not multiple books, that I can start selling at book fairs and comic conventions and generally try and get started as a comic book artist.

This all stepped up a notch when a tutor of mine made it an actual University project and I have managed to weasel it in to all of my other projects as well, meaning that I can almost entirely dedicate myself to working on it now.

I have been putting a lot of work in to it so far, I have just finished revising the script and I think I have it a pretty much complete.
Next up I am going to start thumb nailing it and as soon as I have a few materials I need I will be getting to work on the final pages.

I have been doing a lot of research in to the comic artists I already adore and have just finished sending out a few emails hoping to get a few personal replies from them which could really be a huge help to me.

Since this is also the first time I have really felt engaged in one of my University projects, and had the chance to work on the one thing I want to do the most, I want to make the most of it.
I'm going to try and utilise my blog as a way of keeping my work up to date by writing the things I usually forget to put in my work and printing out the posts from my blog, which seems like a good way to keep both my blog updated more frequently and my work at a much higher standard.

Another little exorcise I have come up with for myself is to try and draw a small comic every day, either of something that happened to me or something I have thought of, just as a way to get more practice drawing comics even if I'm not intending them to be the best of quality.

I got the idea from "Hourly Comics Day" which happened a few days ago.
I tried to take part, but Uni work kept distracting me and when I got home I couldn't remember the day clearly enough to re-draw most of it. (thats terrible, I know)

In any case, I'll be trying to keep on top of that.
I probably wont post the comics up every day since I can't always scan drawings, especially on weekends, but I can easily post up multiple comics to make up for missed days.

Here are the few panels I managed to put together when I tried out hourly comic day.
(Give it a click if you want to see it a bit bigger)