Saturday, 28 January 2012

University, Working on a Book!

So something that has taken me by surprise is just how much I have been getting in to my University work this past week.
I've always enjoyed my Uni work but most of it was enjoyed with an air of reluctance.
Since my course seems much more strongly aimed at graphic designers, most of the tasks were given seem much more suited to that title than that of an illustrator, so there always seems to be something I would prefer do no matter how good the project is and I feel that probably made me put a little less effort in to my work.
This term our tutor has decided to let us chose our own projects and it has already really improved my work ethic.
Its given me a chance to pick something that lets me go all out illustration.

As another very, very lovely addition to that, my Drawing Studies tutor who I have previously mentioned is pretty darn cool has pretty much given me a kick up the backside and got rid of the excuses I have been using to not work on my books.
I've been determined to have a book finished in time for Thought Bubble this year, but Helen talked to me in my last lesson and told me that if I get a book finished in time she will take it and sell it at a book fair in May!
As an added bonus that is what my Drawing Studies project is, so I dont have to worry about work nearly as much now.

I've been working pretty hard, doing a lot of research and doing plenty of drawing, to prepare for the book.
It seems a little daunting trying to make the entire thing in little over a month, especially since I have no idea how I'm going to get it printed yet, but I suppose learning all that stuff will add to a good grade when I hand all my work in later on.

I'm trying to remember to scan drawings a bit more often now too, so look at my DeviantArt or Tumblr to check out all of that, heres a few of the thing's I've done!

p.s: Lately I've been looking for more sites similar to DeviantArt, a place where I can upload my drawings and get feedback and opinions and just generally share it with other people.
DeviantArt is fine and all, but there are a lot of people and fads on that website that really bug me, so I'd like to try find something a little more... adult I suppose?
Most sites like that I've found are full of kids or charge a monthly fee (that I cant afford)...
So if you know of anything like that, please let me know!