Monday, 30 January 2012

Illustration Friday~ "Forward"

I just found out about a website called Illustration Friday that seems to be chocked full of really great illustrators and artists.
Every week everyone links there drawings all based around one central theme, the theme this week being "Forward".
I think I might just have to join in with this every week, seeing as I had a whole lot of fun working on this drawing.

In other news, I made this earlier today as well:
I also made myself an account on a website that allows you to sell art prints, iPhone cases and all sorts of good stuff!
Good stuff like this!

I'm sure anyone wearing that stuff would look SUPER cool.

Have a look at it all here!



Cindy D. said...

Hello and welcome to Illustration Friday. You've got a nice style and the character has a great expression, and those pointy shoes are very stylish.

[But I feel compelled to mention there is some small possibility this may not pass the "suitable for all viewers" rule. Only because IF has several hundred participants, and a few are teenagers, and a few may be averse to what some might call not-tasteful nudity. So, I might keep that in mind just for those illustrations you post to IF. But I am not in charge and you might have no problem at all.]

Ben said...

Thank's for the comment Cindy!
I didn't spare a thought for the nudity at all, it kind of blew over my head!
I'll update the post to have a censored version!

Thank you very much for the heads up!

Cindy D. said...

Haha, nicely done!

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