Monday, 25 July 2011

Brain Cat Limbo Doodles.

I've been keeping myself fairly busy these last few days.
I've been doing a lot of drawing, trying to get better at using a brush to ink.
I'm still fairly uncertain using them, the strokes I make aren't nearly as confident as when I use my brush pen.
But I will persevere and keep getting better.

I don't have any new brush drawings to upload right now, but last night I did get into a bit of an odd mod and started playing around with some oil pastels and different inks.

I was watching The Mighty Boosh at the time and ended up drawing this fairly odd Old Greg.
(I have never actually used oil pastels before, that's why it is somewhat lacking in quality...) and I drew a funky little Brain Cat since it's been a while since I drew her.

I've also just realised that I never uploaded a photo of the thermos I was drawing on about a week ago.
I got my hands on some Posca pens and have been using them to doodle over all sorts of stuff I found laying about.
I drew all over my sketch books as well, which I should probably take a photo of and upload too.

Other than that, been doing a fair bit of gaming lately.
Limbo was released on PSN the other day and I ended up playing through the whole game in one sitting.
It really is a very wonderful game, and I'm intending to get every trophy in it at some point.

I've been playing the online on PixelJunk Shooter 2 a lot lately as well.

Me and a few of my friends are working on a pretty cool project that should be up and running soon too.
I'll have to post a link up to that as soon as its done.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Douglas Mackay

So I've been working pretty hard on a comic for the past few weeks now.
I've got pretty much all of the story worked out, and I'm making fairly good progress on the thumbnails.
Its about time I start working on the final pages, and so I've been refining the characters a bit.

This here is Douglas Mackay, one of the main characters.
I've been playing around with mediums lately trying to decide how exactly I want to draw the comic.

I was unsure if I wanted to ink the comic traditionally or digitally, and I tried out quite a few different things.

On the left is a traditionally inked version of the character, and on the right digital.
I enjoy inking traditionally, but I think for this comic digital is simply the choice to go with.
It makes putting the comic together a bit faster and I think the look will suit the comic more.
On top of that there's the fact that my scanner is fairly poor and I can never get the pictures I scan in to look quite as nice as I would like them to.

In other news, my Indian Ink and Winsor & Newton brushes arrived today!
I tried them out on a practice panel of Mackay and quite like the outcome.
I'm looking forward to using them more.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

A Dilemma... Brush Now or Brush Later?

I'm stuck in a bit of a dilemma.
For a long time now I have really been wanting to start inking my drawings with a brush, as all of the artists I truly love do the same and I adore the look the use of a brush gives.
I have been using a Pentel Brush pen for a few years now and I find it easily the most enjoyable pen to use to ink my drawings, but I can tell that there are disadvantages to using it over a real brush.

I have decided that I finally want to take the leap and start learning to ink with a brush, but I have decided that if I am going to try my best I want to go all out and buy the better quality brushes and inks and what I need to take good care of them.
Almost every single artists I know of that inks with a brush uses the Winsor & Newton Series 7.
So it is those brushes that I have read up on and I am intending to buy.
I also want to order some Indian ink, and a tub of brush cleaner so I can keep the brushes I buy in good condition.

Looking all this up it turns out buying everything I want will cost me a little over £40.
Here's where the real dilemma comes in to play.

From now on I will be travelling at least once a weak to study and get work done and my Univerisy's library.
That will cost me money, so I am keeping cautious of my spending and trying to make sure I have plenty of money to last me until my next grant/loan kicks in some time in September when I go back to University.
I would like to have the brushes now, so that I can use my time off University to practice with the brush and get a sense of comfort using one.
But I would also like to wait until I have the money from my grant/load to pay for the things I need so that I don't end up using up all of the money I have stored up from my grant/loan from last year.

Do I want to buy them now, when I want to be careful with my money but have plenty of time to put towards my own projects, or do I want to wait until I'm back in University and money isn't so much of a concern, but my time is mostly taken up by the work we are given to do?

This will probably take quite some consideration...
Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Ghost Cactus Cat Pilgrim.

I finished reading Ghostopolis by Doug Tennapel today, and I absolutely loved the book!
Everything about it was pretty much tailor made to suit my tastes, and it has increased my want to read more of Doug Tennapel's books a great deal.

The book had a great story full of amazing artwork, imaginative locations and situations and characters that I personally found extremely endearing, particularly Frank Gallows, the ghost hunter who's pretty much to blame for the events of the book.

There's a book by Doug Tennapel that I'm sorely tempted to order, called Iron West, about robot cowboys.
And I am quite a sucker for western styles.
And robots.
But I have a few other things to read through first so I'm going to try and hold it in.
Hold it in like a horrible, book buying wee.

I just found out that there is a webcomic called Ratfist by Tennapel as well, so no doubt I will be reading that soon enough.

I do also have two other little purchases I forgot to mention in the last post.
First of all just this awesome little cactus dog.
I've been a fan of Tokidoki since my friend first showed me there art a few years ago in college, and I like having little things around me that remind me of artists I enjoy.

I also got my hands on this awesome Scott Pilgrim shirt!
I have a bit of a love for shirts, and I have a dream that one day I will never leave the house without either a video game, comic or film reference taking up my torso.
Lately all my clothes seem to be falling apart or I've grown too much to fit in to them, so I had an excuse to buy this.
It was on sale too, which is nice.
Finally, here's a little comic I drew last night and finished off today.
Let it be said, I'm not great at drawing animals.

I'm really trying to get in to drawing short comics more, seeing as I have a tendency to get annoyed with long comics and lose all motivation for working on them.

Last night my mum came in and had a look at this comic as I was inking, and pointed out that my hair is actually a lot longer that I drew it in the comic.
I forget that it keeps growing...

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Lost at Sea by Brian Lee O'Malley

I just this minute finished reading Lost at Sea by Brian Lee O'Malley, and I'm not exactly sure how the book made me feel.

I in no way mean that as a criticism, more I find that really shows how different this book is to the vast majority of other comics or graphic novels there are around.

Usually when I finish reading a book I feel sense of satisfaction that I reached the end of the epic journey, or a sense of awe or shock at the big twist ending or any other number of feelings.
But they are all things that come along with stories that have action and huge amounts of humor and deep messages trying to tell us to save the world in some way or another.

Lost at Sea doesn't seem to have any of them, at least to me.
Lost at Sea isn't about action or adventure, and though it does have its odd bit of humor, it is most definitely about one thing and one thing only.

It is about a teenage girl on the verge of adulthood attempting to come to terms with, and make sense of her life.
I mainly picked up this book out of curiosity, wanting to see some of the work Brian Lee O'Malley did before he started on the hugely popular Scott Pilgrim series.
Though you can see some elements of Scott Pilgrim in this book, and you can definitely see the way the art and many over elements were obviously earlier versions of what he later continued to improve upon throughout that series, the book it's self is completely different in tone.

In fact upon finishing the book, it felt much more similar to finishing Fluffy by Simone Lia then finishing any of the Scott Pilgrim books.
That may seem strange to some people, but personally the feeling of the book gave off was almost identical despite the fact that fluffy is about a man who has a small rabbit for a child, and is much more of a comical book, and Lost at Sea is about a young girl on a road trip with people she barely knows.

I definitely think that a lot of people could enjoy this book, though maybe not necessarily everybody who has enjoyed Scott Pilgrim before.

If you enjoy mellow, thought provoking somewhat slice of life style comics, than this is definitely something you should consider picking up.
And if you are a fan of Scott Pilgrim, there is extra incentive in seeing the way Brian Lee O'Malley's work has been progressing throughout the years.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Lost Ghost Moon Agent 2.

I got a few new books today, that I am rather looking forward to reading!

I finally got my hands on Lost at Sea by Brian Lee O'Malley, the man behind the amazing Scott Pilgrim!
I've been wanting to read it since I first started reading Scott Pilgrim but never came across it anywhere until today.
I really enjoy Brian Lee O'malley's art style, and from what I know of the story so far I'm sure that I will love it!

I also got my hands on Ghostopolis!
A graphic novel by Doug Tennapel who I have recently gained an interest in after I did some research on the man who invented Earthworm Jim.
Not only did Tennapel invent Earthworm Jim, a game/show I have very fond memories of, it also turns out he has a very large collection of graphic novels.
I did a little reading up on them and since I've been dying to get my hands on one!

Lastly I have High Moon!
A graphic novel about cowboy werewolves!
I actually got to read a tiny bit of High Moon before as a webcomic and really enjoyed the few pages I did get to read, but for some reason I never did get around to reading more of it, probably due to collage work.
In any case, I have the book now and I'm highly looking forward to reading more of it!

Funny little bonus:
I got a message from somebody on Twitter hoping I enjoyed High Moon.
Took me a little while to realize it was David Gallaher, the writer of the book.
Consider my mind blown.

Finally I'd just like to take a moment to point out another thing I did today.
Complete Puzzle Agent 2!
The game is fantastic!
And anybody who is a fan of puzzles, the amazing art of Grickle or the amazing, bizarre and somewhat scary humor and storytelling that comes with it needs to play this game!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Bianca Bunny

Here's a new little video I just finished working on.

I honestly don't really have much to say about this.
I don't know why I made it, how I got the idea or anything like that.

I just kind of made it...

Well, hope you enjoy it!


Whatever it is...

You can also see a flash version of it on DeviantArt here, which seems to play a bit smoother for me.
Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Frankenstein's Monster Duckling.

Lately its been annoying me that I seem to have been stuck in this habit of drawing characters in fairly bland standing poses, so I've decided I'm going to force myself to start drawing more dynamic poses, or at least what I hope are more dynamic.

It has been a long time since I properly animated anything, probably something between 1 and 2, if not 3 years now, and its taking me a bit longer than I had anticipated getting warmed up again.

Hopefully if I loosen up with my every day drawings a bit, the animations will flow a bit better again too.

I have a few little experimental pictures I need to put up on the net, but those will have to wait til tomorrow.
Its pretty late here and it will take me a while to take the photos and get them looking nice and pretty.

Until then, enjoy this photo of a duckling being held by my sister.

It was very soft, and most definitely adorable.