Thursday, 22 December 2011

Christmas Holidays

So I haven't really written a blog post in quite a while, or even uploaded much for quite a while now.
Basically, the last few weeks of University have been keeping me pretty busy, and plenty stressed out.

It's been a practical avalanche of deadlines and I was pretty unprepared for it.

I got through it though, and I have a few weeks pretty much free now, which is nice.

I still have a bit of University work to be done, but I can really relax a lot more now than I've been able to do any time lately.

So, I'm finally going to be playing a lot of the game's I've yet to complete, watch plenty of films and hopefully get some good progress made on a few personal projects.

I'm a good 20+ hours in to Skyrim and still going strong, so I'll undoubtedly be playing that plenty, and I am very close to getting the platinum on Rayman Origins which is by far my favourite game of 2011.

I also have a hell of a lot of PSN games to play through since Sony have been giving out plenty free for Christmas. (me and my dad are having a Plants vs Zombies completion battle)

And of course, Christmas is just around the corner, so who know's what new things could crop up that will nibble away at my time like a ravenous time-hungry hamster.