Saturday, 1 October 2011

Macbook Drawing Studies!

This, is my most lovely new Macbook Pro!
For the longest time I have been a pc man, but a little while ago something strange seems to have come over me and I suddenly realised I wanted a Mac.

It's freaki'n byawtiful*!

*stupid way of spelling beautiful.

University is all going lovely so far, this year we've been given a lot more choices that are allowing me to concentrate on what I personally want to do rather than being forced in to learning things I have no interest in.

In the first year we spent half of our time learning Digital, Photoshop, Illustrator and that sort of stuff, and the other half learning Printmaking and Typography.
None of those were things I was particularly interested in.

I feel I already know more than enough on using various programmes and I really didn't feel as though I was learning much new.

As for digital and type, I can appreciate the skill that is required to create those pieces of artwork, but they are just not for me.
I found very, very little of it at all enjoyable and pretty much loathed my time working there.

This year we have been given an option to take Drawing Studies, in which a lovely tutor I have never had before called Helen is helping us improve our drawing skills in many different ways.

We've only had two lessons with her so far but I am absolutely loving my time in her class.
It feels really good to have a teacher that solely wants to help me develop my own style when I feel a lot of my other tutors are somewhat pressuring me to move more towards other mediums I have little to no interest in.
It also feels really good to draw a model again too, since it must be over a year now since I did life drawing in college, and I really have missed it.

We haven't really got many projects going just yet.
Everything seems to have been very laid back these first two weeks.

For the time being I'm just biding my time until my grant money comes through and I can order the things I need to get on with my animation!