Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Calvin and Hobbes

My birthday is coming up on the 23rd, and I got my first early present today!

Some of my lovely, lovely, LOVELY, friends worked together to get me The Complete Calvin and Hobbes box set that I have been lusting after for some time now.

I adore Calvin and Hobbes, and have wanted the opportunity to read the comics in print rather than digitally for some time. (Calvin and Hobbes aren't as big in the UK as they are in America, so I've personally never seen any of there books before.)

Suffice it to say, I was very surprised, and very pleased when I realised what it was!

I knew the books were big, measuring in at 1456 pages between the 3 books, but I didn't realise quite how big the books themselves were too!

The whole set must weigh more than your average bowling ball, and  it did not do my shoulders any favours carrying it home!
I still love it though, and I wish so very, very much that I had my own Hobbes~