Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Calvin and Hobbes

My birthday is coming up on the 23rd, and I got my first early present today!

Some of my lovely, lovely, LOVELY, friends worked together to get me The Complete Calvin and Hobbes box set that I have been lusting after for some time now.

I adore Calvin and Hobbes, and have wanted the opportunity to read the comics in print rather than digitally for some time. (Calvin and Hobbes aren't as big in the UK as they are in America, so I've personally never seen any of there books before.)

Suffice it to say, I was very surprised, and very pleased when I realised what it was!

I knew the books were big, measuring in at 1456 pages between the 3 books, but I didn't realise quite how big the books themselves were too!

The whole set must weigh more than your average bowling ball, and  it did not do my shoulders any favours carrying it home!
I still love it though, and I wish so very, very much that I had my own Hobbes~

Monday, 17 October 2011

Godzilla Campbell

Recently the topic of animated comics and images has come up in Uni, and it has been quite a few years since I would sit making (rather poor) animated comics.
I was also talking to a friend on msn who said I should draw Godzilla, so I mixed the two together!

Animated Godzilla

I forgot quite how fun it can be to make these funky little animated pictures, so I might make more some time!

On a side-note, I have recently discovered and subsequently fallen in love with the art of Scott Campbell.

I absolutely adore his style, and it's making me really want to try out watercolours again seeing as I stopped using them a few years ago.
He's just released an art book that I really want, but it was sold out before it was even released!

I still have no money too, that doesn't help.
Uni is really being ridiculous with how long it's taking to get my grant money.
Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Funky Blobbies and Guilty Art.

The other day (I think it was Friday last week, but I can't remember for sure...) our class went up to this funked up art exhibit.
It took us a while to work out what the hell was going on.

In the middle of the room was just this random printer that didn't seem to be doing anything, then all of a sudden it turned on and started printing out what looked like ascii drawings of circles.

Then there were two projectors on either side of the room, one of which looked like some funky predator style sci-fi vision, which turned out to be some kind of motion-tracker thing?
There was a camera set up un a different part of the University that it was coming from, and the shapes on the screen were people in the area.
All the red text tells you how long each blobby has been on the screen for and such.

After we found that out, well of course we needed a photo of ourselves as blobby things, so we lovingly abandoned our lovely friend Carl and stood infront of the camera for about 15 minutes trying to work out if we were on the screen or not.

And here we are!
The two blobs close together are Zara and Alison, the one rather away was me walking back and forth so Carl could find us.

It was a pretty funky exhibit, but I must admit, its one of those artsy things that makes me feel a little guilty in that I dont really get much out of these kind of art pieces, and would be much better and sitting and staring and a drawing of an irritated badger for 20 minutes.
Monday, 10 October 2011

Secret Rocket Animation!

I gots me another lovely video up on the internets!
More practice with After Effects too!
This one caused me a bit of bother when it came to exporting, as After Effects really did not like my sound effects.

It's all working now though, so can't complain.
Just more things to keep in mind next time I make a video!

I really am enjoying using After Effects,  and just making animation in general.
I really hope my grant money comes through soon so I can get what I need to animate in flash, I think I could make some pretty interesting stuff by mixing the two together!
Sunday, 9 October 2011

After Effects Colossus

I cant seem to remember if I have previously mentioned on this here blog, but lately I have been teaching myself to use After Effects.
It's something I have wanted to learn for a while now, but could never seem to find the time for.
As I'm planning to do a lot more animation starting this year of Uni it seems a better time than ever to get going at it.
I've already put a few silly little things on my YouTube (my friends blowing up and such) and I've just finished my first proper (if small) attempt at animating anything in the programme.

I got the Ico & Shadow of the Colossus HD collection the other day.
They have been two of my favourite games ever since Shadow of the Colossus first came out in 2006, so I was really looking forward to playing through them again.
I completed Shadow of the Colossus a few days ago, so I felt like doing something with one of them.

Now I'm working on something a little more intricate, playing with a few new tricks and techniques.
I'm trying to learn a little at a time rather than dump too much on in one go, but I feel I'm making really good progress.
Heres a little snippet of the one I'm working on right now, which should be finished in a few days!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Old Man Lemur Doodles.

 I love Lemurs, there one of my favourite animals.
I've always been a liiiittle bit rubbish at drawing animals though.
That didn't stop me drawing this rubbish lemur!

I'm much better at drawing creepy old men.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Balloon message and Haiku!

A few days ago in university we had a helium balloon from some kind of charity festival they were having in town.
After playing with it for a while, somebody had the lovely idea of attaching a note to it and setting it free!
Zara wrote a note on a piece of paper and did a drawing of a bunny and we let the balloon free out of a window!

We put an email address on the note, so were really hoping that we can eventually get a response from somebody and learn how far it got!

Balloon with a note.
A message in a bottle,
but it's for the sky!

Macbook Drawing Studies!

This, is my most lovely new Macbook Pro!
For the longest time I have been a pc man, but a little while ago something strange seems to have come over me and I suddenly realised I wanted a Mac.

It's freaki'n byawtiful*!

*stupid way of spelling beautiful.

University is all going lovely so far, this year we've been given a lot more choices that are allowing me to concentrate on what I personally want to do rather than being forced in to learning things I have no interest in.

In the first year we spent half of our time learning Digital, Photoshop, Illustrator and that sort of stuff, and the other half learning Printmaking and Typography.
None of those were things I was particularly interested in.

I feel I already know more than enough on using various programmes and I really didn't feel as though I was learning much new.

As for digital and type, I can appreciate the skill that is required to create those pieces of artwork, but they are just not for me.
I found very, very little of it at all enjoyable and pretty much loathed my time working there.

This year we have been given an option to take Drawing Studies, in which a lovely tutor I have never had before called Helen is helping us improve our drawing skills in many different ways.

We've only had two lessons with her so far but I am absolutely loving my time in her class.
It feels really good to have a teacher that solely wants to help me develop my own style when I feel a lot of my other tutors are somewhat pressuring me to move more towards other mediums I have little to no interest in.
It also feels really good to draw a model again too, since it must be over a year now since I did life drawing in college, and I really have missed it.

We haven't really got many projects going just yet.
Everything seems to have been very laid back these first two weeks.

For the time being I'm just biding my time until my grant money comes through and I can order the things I need to get on with my animation!