Saturday, 3 September 2011


So for a little while now I've been teaching myself how to make games.
I've always been able to make fairly simple flash games, but gaming is a true passion of mine and its something I've always wanted to explore more.
Unfortunately I am absolutely dreadful at coding.

In any case, I've been experimenting and I have just finished my first ever non-flash game!

The game is called Quong, and its fairly simple in premise.
The game is similar to Pong.
You control 4 paddles, one on each side of the screen, with a ball bouncing in the middle.
You control the movements of the paddles with your mouse, and each time you hit the ball you gain a point.
Each time the ball leaves the screen you lose a life.
Each 25 points a new ball is added until your juggling 4 balls at once.
I think the game is quite addicting!
It's definitely a good way to waste a little bit of time!

If you want to download the game, just click the "Quong" button at the top of the screen, or click right here!

Any comments would be greatly appreciated!
You can leave a comment on the game's page, on this post or contact me via twitter!
You can also email me at!

Have fun Quonging!