Sunday, 4 September 2011

My Platformer!

Here are a few screenshot's of the game I'm working on at the moment!

As some of you may know, I have a real passion for storytelling, as well as illustration and animation.

As gaming is easily my most beloved medium it has long been my dream to tell a story of my own through games, and as you can see, Quong did little to scratch that particular itch.

This new game is inching me closer to that goal!

This new game, currently un-named, is a platformer!
And it will have a story, though not much of one.

My main goal at the moment is plainly learning what I can do with my limited abilities, seeing what is possible and finding new ways to create fun and interesting gameplay, so the storytelling element will have to suffer slightly until I have a firm grounding with what I'm doing.
I can however dip my toes in a bit, not only with storytelling but with the illustration and animation side this time around.
Pretty much all of the movements in Quong were programmed, and there was nothing much to illustrate.

I've had a few people test out the first few levels and so far they all seemed to really enjoy it!

One thing in particular seems to be all of them were very fond of the player character, who I'm still debating over in terms of names.

I think before I finish the full game I may actually release a sample, or demo, so that I can get a few more opinions and have a chance to tweak a little bit before I release the finished game.

This is all probably getting a bit ahead of myself, there is still a lot of work to get done before I even think about releasing it, but I hope everyone likes the look of the game so far and will check it out when its done!