Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Hospital for Laptops.

Unfortunately my most beloved, if not a little unstable, laptop has fallen ill.
For about a month or two now there's been something a little off with the screen, and a few days ago it decided it had enough and completely gave up on me, so I've been without a proper computer for a little while.

My laptop is now over at the computer hospital having surgery done, and I have no idea when I will be getting it back.
Shouldn't be too long though.

Until then I'm stuck with a very, very, old laptop my dad had a good few years ago. (I think he got it when Windows XP was still fairly young...)

This laptop lets me go on the internet so I can manage to check my email and check all my daily websites and such, but it isn't really up to much else, so I wont be able to get any real work done until I get my laptop back.

I can draw, but I have no way to scan and upload the drawings I do.

So I'm a little lost without my laptop, and until I get it back there will be no more drawings to upload, or progress made on my games...

Fun times...