Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Hey there internets!
Lately I've been spending quite a lot of time trying to improve my art in a number of ways.
First of all is by learning to ink with a brush, which I think is going ok so far!
I keep making mistakes, but that's bound to happen I suppose!
It would help if I knew somebody that uses a brush to ink there drawings to give me tips and opinions, but unfortunately all my friends use either pens or draw entirely digitally...

I'm also trying to get more into drawing backgrounds.
I never draw backgrounds in my drawings, and that's definitely something I don't want to put up with if I start working on comics.

I've never been particularly good at drawing backgrounds or scenery, but as long as I can improve enough to make simple but appealing backgrounds I should manage.

I've mainly been practicing with robots, and a place I made up called "Robopolis".
Mainly just because I love robots and felt like drawing some, but I'm starting to think of more and more of a story for the guys, so it might eventually develop into something!

The one thing robots aren't really helping me improve on is probably my biggest hurdle.


I don't know why, but I have always found it incredibly hard to draw women, and its something that I have wanted to fix for a long time but have never quite managed.
I'm pretty sure I've only ever drawn one semi-descent looking female in my life and that was a fair few years ago now.

So I'm keeping my eye on that particular annoyance and will soon be going head to head with what is probably my biggest of drawing grievances and coming out on top.

Then I will finally be able to draw my character Lucy that so far my friend Zara has given infinitely more love to than I have...