Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Lovely Brushely

Just a quick post now.
I've just finished up inking this drawing using my brush.
I'm really quite pleased with it.
It's still quite nasty scanner quality here, but I'll do some touching up tomorrow and get it coloured.

I've also got this sketched out ready for me to ink it tomorrow.
I watched the film Tucker & Dale vs Evil a few days ago, which I think has got hillbillies on my mind.
I really enjoy drawing wood grains...

My scanner doesn't do so well with colour either (it really is quite awful) so this has the contrast turned waaay up to make the red lines stand out.

Bed time now I think, got to make my way to the library up at Uni tomorrow.
Its too warm for trains to be enjoyable.


Trish said...

Your artwork is so beautiful! You might want to invest on a better printer next time.

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