Friday, 26 August 2011

Doodle Drama

Smokey bacon, get it?
It has been a little while since I last updated.
I have found myself pretty busy, for a number of different reasons, lately.
First of all, me and a few of my friends have started ourselves a podcast!
At the moment were still playing with the formula somewhat, so it is a bit rough around the edges...
It goes by the name of Prism Fish, and is pretty much just us discussing whatever we feel like at the time, if you have any interest you can subscribe to it on iTunes or via RSS feed!

Just this past week I had a little bit of panic and drama in my life when my course tutor from University phoned up and told me the folder full of work I had taken in had gone missing.
I went in and searched everywhere but the folder was nowhere to be found, so I had a day to re-do all of the work because the grades had to be sent in the next day.

It was very stressful.

Somehow I managed though and all is right with the world.
It did throw me off balance a little bit and I lost a bit of steam with some of the things that I had been working on, but I'm getting back in to it now.

I've recently decided that I want to start drawing a bit more consistently.
Not in terms of using a more consistent style, but by making sure I draw every day.

I draw quite a lot, but every now and then I can go for quite some time without doing any drawing at all, either because I was distracted by something or I got stuck with a bit of an art block.
I want to start drawing every day no matter what.
Even if its just doodles or tiny sketches, I don't want to go a day without drawing anything at all.

I think this also combats a slight problem I have in that quite often I put off posting on this blog because I feel like I should always have some good drawings to upload along with things I write.

So I'm going to start an art blog, and I'm going to do my damn best to get at least a single drawing on it every day.

That's all I'm going to write about for now, but I will make another post some time soon with a bit more information once I have the idea fully formed in my head.

Until then, have a big pile of sketches and doodles to look at!
A lot of these are really old now, but there are a few more recent ones in there too.