Friday, 8 July 2011

Lost Ghost Moon Agent 2.

I got a few new books today, that I am rather looking forward to reading!

I finally got my hands on Lost at Sea by Brian Lee O'Malley, the man behind the amazing Scott Pilgrim!
I've been wanting to read it since I first started reading Scott Pilgrim but never came across it anywhere until today.
I really enjoy Brian Lee O'malley's art style, and from what I know of the story so far I'm sure that I will love it!

I also got my hands on Ghostopolis!
A graphic novel by Doug Tennapel who I have recently gained an interest in after I did some research on the man who invented Earthworm Jim.
Not only did Tennapel invent Earthworm Jim, a game/show I have very fond memories of, it also turns out he has a very large collection of graphic novels.
I did a little reading up on them and since I've been dying to get my hands on one!

Lastly I have High Moon!
A graphic novel about cowboy werewolves!
I actually got to read a tiny bit of High Moon before as a webcomic and really enjoyed the few pages I did get to read, but for some reason I never did get around to reading more of it, probably due to collage work.
In any case, I have the book now and I'm highly looking forward to reading more of it!

Funny little bonus:
I got a message from somebody on Twitter hoping I enjoyed High Moon.
Took me a little while to realize it was David Gallaher, the writer of the book.
Consider my mind blown.

Finally I'd just like to take a moment to point out another thing I did today.
Complete Puzzle Agent 2!
The game is fantastic!
And anybody who is a fan of puzzles, the amazing art of Grickle or the amazing, bizarre and somewhat scary humor and storytelling that comes with it needs to play this game!