Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Ghost Cactus Cat Pilgrim.

I finished reading Ghostopolis by Doug Tennapel today, and I absolutely loved the book!
Everything about it was pretty much tailor made to suit my tastes, and it has increased my want to read more of Doug Tennapel's books a great deal.

The book had a great story full of amazing artwork, imaginative locations and situations and characters that I personally found extremely endearing, particularly Frank Gallows, the ghost hunter who's pretty much to blame for the events of the book.

There's a book by Doug Tennapel that I'm sorely tempted to order, called Iron West, about robot cowboys.
And I am quite a sucker for western styles.
And robots.
But I have a few other things to read through first so I'm going to try and hold it in.
Hold it in like a horrible, book buying wee.

I just found out that there is a webcomic called Ratfist by Tennapel as well, so no doubt I will be reading that soon enough.

I do also have two other little purchases I forgot to mention in the last post.
First of all just this awesome little cactus dog.
I've been a fan of Tokidoki since my friend first showed me there art a few years ago in college, and I like having little things around me that remind me of artists I enjoy.

I also got my hands on this awesome Scott Pilgrim shirt!
I have a bit of a love for shirts, and I have a dream that one day I will never leave the house without either a video game, comic or film reference taking up my torso.
Lately all my clothes seem to be falling apart or I've grown too much to fit in to them, so I had an excuse to buy this.
It was on sale too, which is nice.
Finally, here's a little comic I drew last night and finished off today.
Let it be said, I'm not great at drawing animals.

I'm really trying to get in to drawing short comics more, seeing as I have a tendency to get annoyed with long comics and lose all motivation for working on them.

Last night my mum came in and had a look at this comic as I was inking, and pointed out that my hair is actually a lot longer that I drew it in the comic.
I forget that it keeps growing...