Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Douglas Mackay

So I've been working pretty hard on a comic for the past few weeks now.
I've got pretty much all of the story worked out, and I'm making fairly good progress on the thumbnails.
Its about time I start working on the final pages, and so I've been refining the characters a bit.

This here is Douglas Mackay, one of the main characters.
I've been playing around with mediums lately trying to decide how exactly I want to draw the comic.

I was unsure if I wanted to ink the comic traditionally or digitally, and I tried out quite a few different things.

On the left is a traditionally inked version of the character, and on the right digital.
I enjoy inking traditionally, but I think for this comic digital is simply the choice to go with.
It makes putting the comic together a bit faster and I think the look will suit the comic more.
On top of that there's the fact that my scanner is fairly poor and I can never get the pictures I scan in to look quite as nice as I would like them to.

In other news, my Indian Ink and Winsor & Newton brushes arrived today!
I tried them out on a practice panel of Mackay and quite like the outcome.
I'm looking forward to using them more.