Saturday, 16 July 2011

A Dilemma... Brush Now or Brush Later?

I'm stuck in a bit of a dilemma.
For a long time now I have really been wanting to start inking my drawings with a brush, as all of the artists I truly love do the same and I adore the look the use of a brush gives.
I have been using a Pentel Brush pen for a few years now and I find it easily the most enjoyable pen to use to ink my drawings, but I can tell that there are disadvantages to using it over a real brush.

I have decided that I finally want to take the leap and start learning to ink with a brush, but I have decided that if I am going to try my best I want to go all out and buy the better quality brushes and inks and what I need to take good care of them.
Almost every single artists I know of that inks with a brush uses the Winsor & Newton Series 7.
So it is those brushes that I have read up on and I am intending to buy.
I also want to order some Indian ink, and a tub of brush cleaner so I can keep the brushes I buy in good condition.

Looking all this up it turns out buying everything I want will cost me a little over £40.
Here's where the real dilemma comes in to play.

From now on I will be travelling at least once a weak to study and get work done and my Univerisy's library.
That will cost me money, so I am keeping cautious of my spending and trying to make sure I have plenty of money to last me until my next grant/loan kicks in some time in September when I go back to University.
I would like to have the brushes now, so that I can use my time off University to practice with the brush and get a sense of comfort using one.
But I would also like to wait until I have the money from my grant/load to pay for the things I need so that I don't end up using up all of the money I have stored up from my grant/loan from last year.

Do I want to buy them now, when I want to be careful with my money but have plenty of time to put towards my own projects, or do I want to wait until I'm back in University and money isn't so much of a concern, but my time is mostly taken up by the work we are given to do?

This will probably take quite some consideration...