Monday, 25 July 2011

Brain Cat Limbo Doodles.

I've been keeping myself fairly busy these last few days.
I've been doing a lot of drawing, trying to get better at using a brush to ink.
I'm still fairly uncertain using them, the strokes I make aren't nearly as confident as when I use my brush pen.
But I will persevere and keep getting better.

I don't have any new brush drawings to upload right now, but last night I did get into a bit of an odd mod and started playing around with some oil pastels and different inks.

I was watching The Mighty Boosh at the time and ended up drawing this fairly odd Old Greg.
(I have never actually used oil pastels before, that's why it is somewhat lacking in quality...) and I drew a funky little Brain Cat since it's been a while since I drew her.

I've also just realised that I never uploaded a photo of the thermos I was drawing on about a week ago.
I got my hands on some Posca pens and have been using them to doodle over all sorts of stuff I found laying about.
I drew all over my sketch books as well, which I should probably take a photo of and upload too.

Other than that, been doing a fair bit of gaming lately.
Limbo was released on PSN the other day and I ended up playing through the whole game in one sitting.
It really is a very wonderful game, and I'm intending to get every trophy in it at some point.

I've been playing the online on PixelJunk Shooter 2 a lot lately as well.

Me and a few of my friends are working on a pretty cool project that should be up and running soon too.
I'll have to post a link up to that as soon as its done.