Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Dino Invasion.

So I'm sure most if not all of the people who read this will already know of my Poor Dino comic.
(and if not you should go read it right now)

I've had these drawings of the Dino in my sketch book for a while and finally got around to scanning them in.
I cant say what exactly brought this about, it's something I'd rather have finished before I really talk about it, but hopefully I will be able to reveal all soon!

Space Dino.
Gordon Freeman Dino.
Cthulhu Dino.
Dino Colour Chart.

I'm particularly pleased with the Gordon Freeman Dino, and I kinda like the Nebula behind the Space Dino.

The Gordon Freeman Dino was actually so fun I might just draw more game character Dino's...
Let me know if thats something you'd like to see, or if there are any characters in particular you'd like to see as a Dino!

There is also all of the line-art for all of these pictures on my Flickr account, as well as a coloured version of the Space Dino without a plain background.

Hope you enjoyed this brief delve into the Dino region of my brain!
And again, if you haven't read Poor Dino you should go do that.
Like, now...
And leave a comment...

Space Dino ColourSpace Dino LinesGordon Freeman Dino LinesCthulu Dino LinesDino Lines