Saturday, 30 April 2011

Time is Running Out.

So, next week is my last week of Uni before I go on a damn big break and head back for my second year.
I have to hand in all of my work and needless to say, I am and have been pretty damn busy.
Unfortunately that means I havnt had much time for drawing my own things or even writing stuff on this here site.
So I do apologise for the lack of content from me, but after next week I'll be free as a bird! (for about 3 months)
And I have some pretty cool things I plan to do in my time off!

One thing I have managed to do in this past week is set up a LiveStream account!
I intend to use it quite a lot when I'm working on my own stuff, and so far it has 2 recorded videos uploaded.
One of me working on a drawing I'm yet to finish, and one of me animating the Poor Dino animation that i posted up but a few days ago!

So head over to to have a look!
And if you'd like to watch whenever I end up LiveStreaming, follow me on Twitter!
I'll always post a link when I start!