Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Poor Dino #2! (and cover)

Poor Dino #2 is here for your viewing pleasure!
I was hoping to get 2 and 3 out over the weekend, but turns out my dads scanner wasn't working at the time so I had to wait to get back home again before I could work on them.
No #3 right now, but it will definitely be here for you tomorrow!
Had Uni today, and I've been doing a lot of updates to the blog and Caramel Marshmallow, so didn't really have time to get them both finished.

I have however, got this little doo-hicky made.Just a little cover of sorts to go along with the rest of the comic.

I'm still not really 100% certain on where I'm going to be uploading these, but for now I suppose you can just keep an eye on this blog, the CM DeviantArt or my Flickr account!

See you tomorrow!



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