Friday, 22 April 2011


In loads of sci-fi films and books, there's this recurring thing that always irks me.

Chances are, if your reading a Sci-fi, it involves holographic screens.

Every Sci-fi has them.

Now just think of how many times
you've heard/read, "Hey Dave, what that on your Holo-screen?"
or "Quick! Pull up the schematics on the Holo-screen!" or anything involving "Holo-Screen".

This always really annoys me, because chances are when we have holo-screens, we won't call them holo-screen's.
We'll just call them, screen's.

Whenever a new technology comes out that is an update on something we already have, a new way of building TV's for example.

"I just got me a new plasma-screen TV!"
"I just bought a flat-screen TV!"
"Have you seen those new LCD TV's?"

How often when your sat at home and you feel like watching TV do you say to whoever is with you, "Hey, fancy watching something something on the flat-screen TV?"

Or how about, "Hey, will you turn the volume up on the HD ready television?".

You don't.
Nobody says that.

TV is all we need.

And that's why when I inevitably write and publish a massively successful Sci-fi book that gets me billions and I never ever have to work ever again, a character will never, ever, not even once refer to a screen, as a holo-screen.

Except maybe if there extremely old.

"Gee'z Gramp's, nobody calls them holo-screens any more! Get with the times!"
"You young whipper-snappers! I remember back in my day, when screens were made of glass! And if you threw things at them, they broke and we had to buy a new one!"