Friday, 22 April 2011

Grickle Art Print & New Books!

So, one of my favorite artists/animators, Graham Annable (better known as Grickle) does this thing on Twitter every once in a while where he requests ideas for doodles.
The first time he did it I suggested Cthulhu, and a few minutes later there he was in all his tenticular glory!
It's been my display picture on MSN for months!

A few weeks ago Graham started selling art prints of the doodles, and I just had to buy it!
I've never bought an art print before, but I have often been very tempted.
And this time the temptation was just too strong!

It arrived a little while ago and I decided (though it has taken me a while to do so)
to put a little picture of it up on the blog so everyone will know how great they are!
He wrapped it up very securely so it didn't get damaged at all on its way to me, an
d it arrived remarkably quickly!
He lives somewhere in Canada (I think?) and I'm way over in the UK, and I don't even think it took a week for it to get to me. I've ordered things from Amazon that took longer than that!

He even signed it and did me an awesome little doodle!

For those of you who don't know who Grickle is, I highly recommend you take a look at his YouTube channel and watch some of his amazing animations!

He even has a few books out!
I own one called The Book of Grickle, that is one the very best things to reside on my book shelf!
I'm desperate to get my hands on some more, but they seem pretty hard to get a hold of in England.

In other news!
I have myself quite a few new books to get through!
Its been a while since I last read a graphic novel, so I'm looking forward to really getting my teeth stuck in to one of these.

The Dead Space book is actually a prize I won on a competition hosted by the Sarcastic Gamer UK podcast.
I got it probably a few months ago now, but I haven't got round to reading it yet.
I'll probably write a little about each book as I finish reading them.

That's all for now!
I might make a post tomorrow, about a little thing I've been working on with my time off.
Look forward to that!