Tuesday, 5 April 2011

God of War

I've been playing a lot of God of War lately.
I finally got my hands on Chain's of Olympus, the first of the two PSP titles in the series.
It really is incredibly well transfered to the psp.
The game-play is almost identical to the main games, and it looks pretty damn good too, though thats pretty much to be expected in a God of War game.

My sisters fiancée Andy lent me God of War 3 just the other day as well, and though I haven't played much of it so far, the little I have played I have loved!

The graphics are freakin' amazing!
The art direction for the game is astounding!
The opening is quite possibly one of the greatest starts to a game I have ever experienced.
I'd really like a chance to just sit and have a long play session with it, but with the hand in date for my year 1 work closing in, that probably wouldn't be such a bright idea.

One thing I have stumbled upon in my browsing's however is this:
One of my most prized possessions is The Art of Oddworld Inhabbitants.
A book by Ballistic publishing full of beautiful art and packed with behind-the-scene's info on one of my favorite game studios of all time.

Turns out Ballistic have also made art books for a few other games, one of which is God of War 3!
At first look, they were pretty damn expensive (over £50!) but turns out you can get it on Amazon right now for just under £35!
Im so very, very tempted by this.

They also have an Uncharted 2 art book that I'm sure would be bloody amazing, but God of War has the Greek mythology thing going for it.

I'm going to try and hold out until I have a little more money before I give in to temptation.
We'll see how that goes...