Thursday, 31 March 2011

Big Box o' Death Note!

I watched the Death Note anime a few years ago, back when I was really in to manga and anime.
Its probably the anime I remember the most favorably, and ever since I watched the anime I have wanted to read the manga, but I really never got around to it.

I lost interest in most anime/manga and got much more interested in english/american comics and graphic novels, but I still have very fond memories of Death Note.

Well, I was browsing about a little while ago and came across this box set of the entire Death Note manga series.
I pretty much couldn't resist and ordered it straight away.
The story is just as great as I remember it being, and I actually think I like the manga even more.
I'm getting a much better feel for the characters than I ever did before, and I'm following the story much better than I did before.
Whether that is because the manga is better than the anime, or because I have matured and read a lot more than I did back when I watched the anime, I can't really say.

The box has the entire 1-12 volumes, and I'm currently up to volume 6, almost finished it.
I really love the art in the series.
Where I find a lot of manga have a tendency to give characters very plain and unimaginative facial structures, and pays very little attention to detail when it comes to there design
other than there hair and clothing, (keep in mind this is from the pretty limited range of manga I have actually read) Death Note really puts a lot of detail into the characters.
The artist really seems to have a very unique style, and of course the writing is just as wonderful.
I'm sure that the vast majority of people who read this will have read, watched or at very least know of Death Note, so there isn't really much point in to going into that many details.
I just think that anybody who is interested should know this is out there, and that it is well worth the money I payed for it.

The box even includes this book:
I haven't read it yet, I want to save that until I finish the series, but from the quick look I had it seems to be packed full of behind-the-scenes information on Death Note.
The writing, the art, interviews, early sketches...
It looks really great, and I'm very pleased it was included!


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