Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Wormworld Saga and Daniel Lieske

I have just stumbled upon an online graphic novel called Wormworld Saga.
I dont know if this comic is already well known and im late to the party, but anybody who has not seen it needs to have a look right now!
This comic is nothing short of a masterpiece.
The art is unlike anything I have ever seen before.
Each panel is crafted with an intense amount of detail, all in a very unique and colourful style.
Unlike in most comics I have read where usually the backgrounds are hidden away, replaced with flat colours or patterns, the artist here has gone to the extremes, creating amazing backgrounds for every piece of the page.
Another thing I have to mention that I love is the way the comic is layed out.
Rather than the pages being separated, the artist has taken huge advantage of the webcomic format and has merged every page together into one long fluid strip.
Many panels transition brilliantly together in a way that I have never seen before that makes it incredibly hard to stop reading until you have reached the very end.
The entire experience flows past your eyes as naturally as watching a Pixar animation or a traditional Disney film.
It really is an amazing piece of artwork.

After finding this I looked into the man behind the comic, Daniel Lieske, who I have discovered is incredibly diverse in his work.
It seems as though he is mainly a concept artist, and looking on his portfolio it seems as though hes works for a wide variety of media, comics, computer games and animations are shown as examples.
His website also has many examples of work from exhibitions, sketchbooks and generally amazing pieces of art.

Anybody who reads this really should look through his work.
His drawings are absolutely amazing, and are definitely work a look from anybody interested in illustration or concept art.