Sunday, 26 December 2010

My little Christmas poem.

A few days ago I posted this little poem up on the Caramel Marshmallow DA page.
I was intending to animate it for Christmas, but unfortunately my laptop broke a few days before.
My laptop is still out of commission, so my progress with pretty much everything has practically hit a wall for now.

More on all this stuff later.
For now, here's the poem, hope you enjoy!

Its Christmas eve night, and all through the house,
not a sound can be heard, not even a mouse.

Down from the chimney, slips a man in a hat,
he glides stealthily, despite all his fat.

He walks through the house, even though it is late,
in search of a treat, for him on a plate.

His search is in vain, nothing left but a scrap,
His stomach did rumble, it made him feel crap.

Full of malice and hatred with his eyes seeing red,
he climbed up the stairs, and walked up to a bed.

In bed lay a man, all snuggled and warm,
till Santa reached down, and did him some harm.

In the next room along, were the man's lovely children.
And Santa walked in, and swiftly he killed them.

Then the man's wife, came back from the toilet,
when Santa snook up, and hit her with a mallet.

Covered in blood, regaining his sight,
he climbed up the chimney, and flew off in the night.

And on this one Christmas, one family did die.
Because of one missing, delicious, mince pie.