Saturday, 18 December 2010

I made a Paradox!

So I really love the idea of a Paradox, and the concept of anything being perpetual, as many of you may have noticed by my use of the name Perpetual mind, and I always found paradoxes really fun.

I always liked this one:
If the universe is infinite, and there are an infinite amount of stars in the universe, how come the night sky is black?
Well, I have been sat thinking about paradoxes for a while, and I think I have made my own!

Imagine you are writing a book about infinity, and it is 100 pages long.
Page 1 says to turn half way through the book, to page 50.
Page 50 says to turn half way again, to page 75.
Page 75 says to turn half way again, but to turn half way, you need to create a page 87.5.

But if you create a page for 87.5, there is now 1 more page in the book, and the book has 101 pages, so page 50 can no longer the middle of the book, so you would need to create a page 50.5.

The mid point between page 50.5 and page 100 is page 74.75, but once you create page 74.74 there are 103 pages in the book, and page 5.5 is no longer the middle of the book.

This repeats its self and you end up with a book with an infinite number of pages.

I am not the best at maths, and I havn't (haven't) quite worked out if this all definitely works yet, but I'm pretty damn sure I'm on to something here.

Well, I'm going to think about this some more and see if If I can make any sense out of it...