Tuesday, 23 November 2010


The last few weeks in University I've been doing Typography based projects.
I'm really not the biggest fan of typography, but I did it.
Here's a few of the things I made during the projects.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

I could be a concept artist!

Hey there mr blog!
Iv been filling out quite a few forms lately, all uninteresting university junk...
But I have made a discovery today that really got me in a good mood.When I finished college a fair few months ago and got my certificate, I never really bothered to look at it in much detail. I was very happy with my overall grade of two distinction
s and a merit (oh yeah, I'm good), but I never thought to look into the specific grades for each s
ection of the course.

Well, I was looking at the certificate today and noticed this:
I had kind of forgotten about the concept art project we did in college.

Anybody who knows me even in the slightest would know I am in love with games, but I have never really thought much about working as an artist FOR games.
I have never really enjoyed doing particularly realistic drawings.
Most of my love of art is being able to see things that aren't really there, and the majority of concept art I see is just plain old soldiers standing around ready to be generic fps character number 5472.
Either that, or big amazing scenery.

Which... I... cant really do...

It was only when I joined twitter that I started to realise just how much I loved the concept art for games.
I started following Media Molecule, the company that made
Little Big Planet, and I fell in love with all of the drawings they would upload.
Every once in a while a tweet will appear, showing off some of there "Found Art!", where they will upload a picture they discovered somewhere about the Media Molecule offices.

I realised that Little Big planet must have taken an INCREDIBLE amount of art to create.
Not only for the stickers that appear in the game, but also for the character designs, the objects to implement, the tools, the pod.... everything!
They even have a pack of downloadable Jon Burgerman stickers!

The art that Media Molecule do isn't people standing about looking mean with guns.
It isn't big war-torn battlefields and rocket launchers.
The things they draw are a lot more playful, a lot more cartoony, and a lot more like the kind of things I would enjoy drawing.

Its not JUST Media Molecule that do amazing art like this.
Once I started to think about it, I realised just how many games have designs that I love that all have to have been drawn by somebody before there modelled and put into the game.

Ever since then I have been in love with concept art.
I find it incredibly interesting to see all the drawings behind a character.
I love seeing how they were developed, all the different ideas people had when they were deciding how they should look.

One of my most prised possetions is my "The Art of Oddworld Inhabitants",
an amazing book full of the beautiful paintings and sketches that went into creating some of my favourite game characters of all time.
One thing that made me love the book even more, are the little stories told by artists about how the final designs came about and what inspired various aspects of the characters, there clothing, the colour of there skin...
I find Lorne Lanning, the creator of Oddworld, an incredibly inspiring man.
There are hundreds of games with art that I love.
Castle Crashers, Fat Princess, Team Fortress 2, 3d Dot Game Heroes, Maple Story, Earthworm Jim, even the doodles in Guitar Hero!

I cant believe how narrow minded and plainly stupid I was about concept art in the past, and in a way I'm ashamed to even think of it.

As I am now, I truly think that games are one of, if not the greatest for of artistic expression.
Its rare that I would consider a game a real piece of art considering the amount of plainly badly designed games in the world, but it is unquestionable that there are also a lot of games that are simply beautiful.
Not just in terms of graphics, but in the designs and storytelling as well.

I still don't really see myself getting a job for a game company, though I will not deny that I would LOVE to work for a company like Media Molecule or That Game Company, but I do find them a limitless source of inspiration.
I find myself craving more and more special editions to get my hands on the art books concealed within.

What I love about good game concept art, is that it needs to really show off what the game is about, and what the characters are like.
A well designed game character can tell you everything about there personality, how they feel to control, and maybe even hint towards there back-story.

This is something I really want to achieve with my art.
I want my characters to look perfect for there role, and I want how they look to be as much of a part of there story as the words they say or the things they do.

This is why I loved seeing that little section on my certificate, and this is why I love to see the art and hear the stories from before the characters have been finalised.

I think game art is really under-appreciated.
I hope that everybody that reads this thinks just as highly of the work these artists do as me, and for anybody that doesn't, you should spend a little time searching for concept art of a game you like.
Hopefully you will learn to love it too!

The platforming adventures of Sir Reginald.
Monday, 15 November 2010

Night doodles and halloween drawings.

Here's a few night drawings I did.
Iv been doing a lot of these lately.
I really enjoy them because I get to hide weird little meanings, philosophies and such, in them.
I'm just wondering if anybody can work out what exactly these two mean.

And here's a few drawings I did for Halloween.