Tuesday, 5 October 2010

University and shooting myself over a gun.

Hey there Mr Blog!
Its been a while since my last post here, but I assure you I have VERY good reason.
You see, a few weeks ago I started University!!
I am now a student of Illustration, Graphic Design and Digital Media, and the first few weeks have been keeping me pretty darn busy!The weeks aren't getting any less busy now, but I really feel keeping this blog up to date will help me with my work in general.The course makes a huge deal out of writing down, drawing and generally keeping track of everything that goes through our minds, and I have a tendency to think best when I'm writing an article on something, thus, I feel my research will vastly improve if I make an article of it on this blog.
It also gives me a chance to talk about the ideas I'v had, keep track of all my work, and hopefully get some feedback from any people that take an interest.

I'l write up all about my projects, the things I learn, the artist's I discover and whatever else takes my fancy.

Now you know about all that, have a look at a drawing I did!

A few days ago I was doing a drawing of a soldier-guy, that you can see here on Flickr (p.s: I'm going to start using Flickr now too.), when I noticed that I REALLY cant draw guns.
I was still in a drawing mood when I was finished with the film, so I ended up doing a drawing to show my dislike of drawing guns.

I think its pretty clever if I do say so myself.

I was testing out a few new things with it too.

I used a m
ixture of my Pentel Brush Pen and my Rotring Art Pen for the outlines.
I really like the flexibility Using the pens in combination gives.
I also made use of my new pot of ink and paint brush, though for mothing more than filling in the large areas of black, but I've been making better use of it in a few more recent drawings, that I will probably be uploading in the near future.

After that It was the usual, colouring process for me.
Scan in, darken/solidify the outlines, clean it up a little and then colour in.
I decided to add a texture to my jacket too, just to make it stand out a bit more from the shirt.
I actually really like the way it looks having the single texture in the picture with everything else smooth colouring.
Overall, I'm pretty pleased with it.

That's all for now Mr Blog, got to get cracking with that University work.
Cthulhu Fhtagn!