Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Rue and Okami!

Iv done 2 new drawings since my post yesterday, Mr Blog.
The first of which, is a drawing of my old character Rue.
The character is from one of the first stories i ever thought up, and its been 2 years now since i last drew him.
Me and Zara from over at Caramel Marshmallow were discussing how much our art has changed over our last two years of college, and to see for myself, i looked for a drawing i did just before college and found this, a drawing of Rue way back from when i wanted to draw manga/anime.
Needless to say, my interests in art styles have drastically changed since then, and here's the outcome of my new Rue drawing.

Just looking at the two really emphasizes how much i have changed over the last two years.
Not only has my art changed largely beyond recognition, my opinions of art in general, and the goals i set for myself in life have drastically changed too.
It just amazes me to think about everything that has happened in my time at college, and it makes me truly appreciate all of the people i have become friends with, all the times i have spent with them, all my teachers and all of those friends who are still with me even after leaving school.

In a way this has got me feeling sentimental towards my old characters as well.
I have so many stories in my head, but i always have trouble getting them out.
Its been years since iv drawn any of my characters, and drawing Rue really reminded me how fun it can be.
So i might just try drawing all of my old characters again.
Maybe I can even dig out some of my old drawings of the same characters as i used to draw them too.

Here's the drawing of Rue before it was dipped in a bucket of Photoshop, both before and after i shaded it.
And on a side note, here's a drawing I did for my friend Manda!
She is an amazing artist, and has a bizarre talent for character design.
I did my best to keep the drawing up to standards for her characters, and I'm rather pleased with it.
I definitely think iv managed to improve the hair texture from how it was in the Rue picture.
I'm quite pleased with it, as I normally don't do so well at drawing female characters.
Here you can see Manda's sketch blog!
And over here you can see her lovely lovely Deviant Art!


BritishMuffin said...

Aw cheers! <3
Still completely love my commish to bits. B]

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