Sunday, 1 August 2010

New pen makes for fancy drawings.

That is correct Mr Blog!
I got me a new pen!
Not impressed?
Yeah... neither was anyone else...
But this is a special pen! It has a brush tip, and uses very good quality ink! And thus, i can do awsums drawings with it!
And so i have been doing dear Mr blog!
Many new drawings have flown to paper from my hands these past few days.

There's just something about drawing traditionally that gives me a huge sense of accomplishment i never with with my more common digital art.

To my pleasure, iv been really loving all of the pieces of art i have produced with my new fancy pen.
Iv even been doing a bit of experimenting with colouring and texturing them digitally and i really like the outcome.

Of course, iv been using my trusty washes for the shading.
It really seems to complement the style the pen gives.
And who knows, maybe i'll even get some comics out of it...