Thursday, 26 August 2010

How Scott Pilgrim fans scored the home run.

I am a massive fan of Scott Pilgrim.
I first heard of the series about a year and a half ago watching a video about graphic novel's on YouTube.
The brief description of the story intrigued me, so I looked it up and have been hooked ever since.
Now, it did take me quite some time to get to read the books.
When I first heard there was a film being made, I was sceptical.
I am constantly wary of film adaptations of books or games I love after a bad experience with The Surrogates.
Fortunately though, as more was revealed of the film the more my hope grew that this would be one hell of a film.

When the game was announced I was instantly excited at the idea, and to my delight when the release date came along the game did not disappoint.
I loved everything about the game.
The art and animation are brilliantly done in an adorable style that simply oozes nostalgia to gamers.
The game play has the comforting feel of an old-school arcade fighting game without any of the troubling controls they often came with.
And the music.
My god the music.
I have never been a fan of chiptunes, but the band behind the soundtrack to this game simply did an amazing job.
Every aspect of this game is a pleasure to experience.
Every sense in your body is being pleased simultaneously.

Then comes time for the film.
I managed to see the first showing of the film on the opening day with a few of my friends.
To emphasize exactly how much i was looking forward to the film, i was listening to the game soundtrack on my Ipod whilst re-reading the last two books in the series on the train ride in to town.
There was barely anybody in the cinema to see the film, everybody else had flocked like sheep to the re-release of Avatar.
I sat in the cinema chair waiting for the film to start, and when it did I wasn't sure how exactly I felt.
At first it seemed strange to me.
To have real people portraying the characters i had grown so fond of took some getting used to.
Another thing that really threw me off was hearing the band play.
I had never really set my mind on how Sex Bob-Omb would sound, its something I had never quite decided for myself when reading the books.
But now I was actually hearing a song being played by them.

It was strange, but I couldn't help but feel a chill at it.
It was good.
None of this was perfect to the Scott Pilgrim in my head, but It was damn near that, and I liked it.
A few minutes later and any feeling of unease was gone and I was entranced by the film.

I watched the rest of the film adoring every second of it.
Every time there was a fight scene, or a song was played by any of the bands, chills ran through my body and i could not stop feeling amazed.

This has made me think.
I have loved everything that has come out of Scott Pilgrim.
I adored the books.
I have been playing the game and loving it since the day it was up on the PSN.
The film had me in a pleasure coma.
Even the music, both that in the game and the film, has amazed me!

Has this ever been experienced before?

Fair enough, there are many people who wont like these things, but to the people like me.
The fans, the gamers, the comic-readers...
Have we ever felt this before?
A series being translated across multiple forms of media and pulling it off near perfectly every time?
I find myself lucky for falling in to just the right category to love everything that has come of the series so far.
It has been an experience like no other, and it has been one I shall not soon forget.

And so, I'm interested to know...
To anybody out there who is a Scott Pilrim fan, of the books, game or film, what is your opinion on all of this?
Did you love everything that Scott Pilgrim brought to us, or were you dissapointed by anything?