Friday, 2 July 2010

choosing the top 10...

Me and my friends from over at VKN have been talking about making top 10 lists, top 10 games, films, characters and such.
So iv been thinking, what are my top 10 games??
GOD its hard....

At first i wasnt sure, but im not POSITIVE that Beyond Good and Evil is and allways will be my number 1 (until the sequel comes along).
I love EVERYTHING about that game.
Hell, im listening to the soundtrack right now... (Christophe Héral, you are amazing)
The character design, the voice acting, the art, the story, the gameplay...
To me, that game is just FLAWLESS.
Id also have to say Jade is one of my favourite game characters of all time.

Heres where it gets tricky though...
Where the hell do I go from here?
I love SO many more games!
Which one do i love the most out of them all?
Iv been in love with the Half Life seriese for years...
Iv played every single entry in the seriese.
Iv completed the first game 3 times, completed all the expantions including the lesser known Decay on ps2.
I must have completed Episode 2 about 10 times, and I cant even begin to say how many times iv played through the Antlion fight scene with the vortagaunts...

Ofcourse iv allways been a big fan of smaller games.
Meaning, games made by small teams.
Theres just something about a game made by a small production team that I love. They allways have a much more unique feeling to them.
I thoroughly ejoyed Legendary despite its numerous faults just because it had that small team feel to it (though it is by no means on my favourites list.)
But the Penumbra seriese on the other hand, is the perfect example.
With a TINY production team, the seriese is plainly AMAZING.
Im a huge horror fan, but i had never once been creaped out by a horror game.
Silent hill has never really scared me though I adore the seriese, I have NO idea why so many people rant about FEAR so much...
Penumbra had me feeling incredibly paranoid at parts of the game.
The first time it really got me was when you sneak past the first dog, you have to pile stuff up infront of the door to stop the dog getting in.
I did so and stood looking through the crack in the door laughing in the dogs face.
Then the dog ripped the door to shreds and ate Phillips testicles for brunch.
I crapped my pants.

Very well then, I though.
You got a jump out of me this time Penumbra, it will not happen again.
Yet not a mere 10 minuits later i find myself growing more and more paranoid as i find letters describing the horrific tale of a man at war with.... spiders...
Im not an arachnaphobe.
I dont LIKE spiders, but they dont really bother me.
But the build up in tention, the slow reveal of the mans story.
The brilliant craftmanship of the writing, expressing his desperation, his descent into madness really got me immerced into the atmosphere.
Then a scream comes from above you, and you see dust fall from the floor boards above you, as the man has seemingly been dragged away by the spiders.

Spiders broke down a door, and DRAGGED a man, kicking and screaming to his DEATH.
That is fucked up.
Then as a nice little bonus you find is tongue laying on a shelf.

I owe the creators of Penumbra a drink.
Ontop of all that, Clarence is fucking awesome.

How am I supposed to decide which of these two games go in second place??
And then there are SO many more to consider!
Shadow of the Colossus, Ico, Portal, Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth...
y brain is at war with its self, in a constant loop of indecisive banter over something as simple as the order to put things on the pedestals!
I feel as though someone but all the games into a blender and i have to try and stick them back together again.

At least I can feel comfort in knowing the top spot is filled, and I have Jade, Pey'j and all of Hilly's watching me root around in my toy box deciding what to bring out next.

Il get back to you on this at another date Mr Blog.
Keep your eyes open tomorrow for a sample page of Badlands, and if your lucky I might even throw in some of the concept sketches iv been doing.

Cthulhu Fhtagn!