Saturday, 12 June 2010

Spring Cleaning

Dear Mr Blog.
I know it wouldn’t be far fetched of me to say that I neglect you sometimes.

I would even admit to negating you, to an extent.

But please, Mr Blog, don’t let this upset you.

It isn’t our fault!
Far be it.

You are a wonderful blog, one that I adore and hold dear to me.

What causes me to avoid satisfying your cravings for my literary and artistic creations is not a fault of yours, but more the fault of what you symbolise to me, and my pathetic unwillingness to pursue that which I created you to symbolise to me.

To me, you are a place for me to express myself, and to pursue my artistic and literary dreams.
A place for me to share my opinions, for me to share my passions of writing, drawing and animating!

But ashamed as I am to admit, I was never very good at pursuing those dreams.

I would lay in a basin of sloth and procrastination, feebly attempting to produce the works that dwell in the canyons and crevasse's of my mind but creating only putrid atrocities scarcely worth the little effort with which they were conceived.

But a new season is vastly approaching, and in it you may find the love and adoration you have so long awaited.
No longer the torment of sitting alone and cold in the vast expanses of the internet praying for my return.
No dear Mr Blog, a new age is coming, and with it comes your salvation.

I have polished you up, removed your old baggage, and I beg you to prepare yourself for the work ahead.

For I am a new man, dedicated, determined, and ready to work to achieve what he has so long been yearning for.

I shall return to you soon, Mr Blog, with new information of what you can expect to come of these events, and with the first advancements in our pursuit.

But for now, rest, my old friend.

Rest, and prepare yourself.
We have a lot of work to do over the coming years.
Let us pray that the work goes well, and that the effort works in our favour.

Until next time my lovely Mr Blog.
Cthulhu Fhtagn.