Wednesday, 16 June 2010

End of year show

Hello again my dear Mr Blog.
Hope your day is going well!
I have wonderful news!Iv pretty much just finished my final project for college, and were having an end of year show!
Lots of people will be looking at our art, watching our videos and hopefully even talking to us and showing an interest in our art.
I myself have made a new shiny animation for it!
Here, I'll show you!!

I'm fairly pleased with how it turned out, the art style especially.
Ii had hoped for a much bigger and more entertaining animation, I even had one in mind, but time was an issue.
The second, and rather unfortunate character you saw in that animation, I have actually made into a plushy/teddy!

I'm rather pleased with the outcome, to say iv never sewn before.
He's made entirely from old clothes of mine, and bandages i had on my arm when i hurt it before.

The show starts tomorrow, unfortunately i don't have any photos of my area yet, but if your interested i will soon be updating another blog showing some BRILLIANT work from my partner-in-crime, Zara.
Her plushies are AMAZINGLY well made, and we both put a lot of effort into making her display for them look really good! (her more than me, but I like to think I helped)
Heres a little sample of what youl see on the blog.There’s also a flash game that i helped her make on the site too, so take a look!
I feel this blog post has gone on long enough, so il have to wait til next time to tell you a little more about Caramel Marshmallow.
I hope you enjoyed the animation!
Cthulhu Fhtagn!