Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Christmas and the annoyances of losing my laptop.

Well, as I said in my last post, my laptop unfortunately died a few days ago.
Thats pretty damn bad for me.
I cant colour any of my pictures, I cant animate, I cant work on the blog or the Caramel Marshmallow website...
The worst part of it all is that I could quite possibly end up losing everything thats on the hard drive for that computer.
Most of my stuff is backed up, or somewhere online, but all of the work I did last week for University is completely lost.
My lovely lovely sister Becci is letting me use her laptop though, so Im still connected to my lifeline that is the internet!

Of course Christmas has just been, and it was a lovely Christmas indeed!
I was working on an animation to upload on Christmas day, but my laptop died before I managed to finish it.
I got a pretty descent amount of money for Christmas, so I'm going to pre-order Little Big Planet 2 and Dead Space 2.
Iv also re-discovered Firefly lately, and have ordered the box set off Amazon which should be arriving soon hopefully!

Iv done a lot of drawings, but my sisters laptop seems to have something against my scanner and I haven't been able to get any of them online.
Losing my laptop really has brought up a lot of annoyances for me, im pretty useless without all the programmes I need.
Well, hopefully I'll be getting it back soon, and the universe will be returned to its natural state once more.

Sunday, 26 December 2010

My little Christmas poem.

A few days ago I posted this little poem up on the Caramel Marshmallow DA page.
I was intending to animate it for Christmas, but unfortunately my laptop broke a few days before.
My laptop is still out of commission, so my progress with pretty much everything has practically hit a wall for now.

More on all this stuff later.
For now, here's the poem, hope you enjoy!

Its Christmas eve night, and all through the house,
not a sound can be heard, not even a mouse.

Down from the chimney, slips a man in a hat,
he glides stealthily, despite all his fat.

He walks through the house, even though it is late,
in search of a treat, for him on a plate.

His search is in vain, nothing left but a scrap,
His stomach did rumble, it made him feel crap.

Full of malice and hatred with his eyes seeing red,
he climbed up the stairs, and walked up to a bed.

In bed lay a man, all snuggled and warm,
till Santa reached down, and did him some harm.

In the next room along, were the man's lovely children.
And Santa walked in, and swiftly he killed them.

Then the man's wife, came back from the toilet,
when Santa snook up, and hit her with a mallet.

Covered in blood, regaining his sight,
he climbed up the chimney, and flew off in the night.

And on this one Christmas, one family did die.
Because of one missing, delicious, mince pie.
Saturday, 18 December 2010

I made a Paradox!

So I really love the idea of a Paradox, and the concept of anything being perpetual, as many of you may have noticed by my use of the name Perpetual mind, and I always found paradoxes really fun.

I always liked this one:
If the universe is infinite, and there are an infinite amount of stars in the universe, how come the night sky is black?
Well, I have been sat thinking about paradoxes for a while, and I think I have made my own!

Imagine you are writing a book about infinity, and it is 100 pages long.
Page 1 says to turn half way through the book, to page 50.
Page 50 says to turn half way again, to page 75.
Page 75 says to turn half way again, but to turn half way, you need to create a page 87.5.

But if you create a page for 87.5, there is now 1 more page in the book, and the book has 101 pages, so page 50 can no longer the middle of the book, so you would need to create a page 50.5.

The mid point between page 50.5 and page 100 is page 74.75, but once you create page 74.74 there are 103 pages in the book, and page 5.5 is no longer the middle of the book.

This repeats its self and you end up with a book with an infinite number of pages.

I am not the best at maths, and I havn't (haven't) quite worked out if this all definitely works yet, but I'm pretty damn sure I'm on to something here.

Well, I'm going to think about this some more and see if If I can make any sense out of it...
Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Got our new project!
This one is all about faces, and were making a book!
Like an artisty book!

Not sure exactly what I'm going to do for this project yet, need to put some thought into it...

Not long until Uni finishes for Christmas now! (we break up on the 17th I think?)
I'm hoping to get quite a lot of work done over the Christmas holidays, on the new project AND on personal stuff.
Id really like to get some animation done, considering its be
en so long since I made anything.

Haven't really got many drawings or anything to show you, just a guy with a blue face.

On a side note, I've only just noticed that "havn't" isn't a word...
I always use havn't!
Apparently its "haven't"!

I always saw it as Have+Not=Haven't, like Did+Not=Didn't.

anyway, that's all I can think to write for now!
See you again Mr Blog!
Tuesday, 23 November 2010


The last few weeks in University I've been doing Typography based projects.
I'm really not the biggest fan of typography, but I did it.
Here's a few of the things I made during the projects.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

I could be a concept artist!

Hey there mr blog!
Iv been filling out quite a few forms lately, all uninteresting university junk...
But I have made a discovery today that really got me in a good mood.When I finished college a fair few months ago and got my certificate, I never really bothered to look at it in much detail. I was very happy with my overall grade of two distinction
s and a merit (oh yeah, I'm good), but I never thought to look into the specific grades for each s
ection of the course.

Well, I was looking at the certificate today and noticed this:
I had kind of forgotten about the concept art project we did in college.

Anybody who knows me even in the slightest would know I am in love with games, but I have never really thought much about working as an artist FOR games.
I have never really enjoyed doing particularly realistic drawings.
Most of my love of art is being able to see things that aren't really there, and the majority of concept art I see is just plain old soldiers standing around ready to be generic fps character number 5472.
Either that, or big amazing scenery.

Which... I... cant really do...

It was only when I joined twitter that I started to realise just how much I loved the concept art for games.
I started following Media Molecule, the company that made
Little Big Planet, and I fell in love with all of the drawings they would upload.
Every once in a while a tweet will appear, showing off some of there "Found Art!", where they will upload a picture they discovered somewhere about the Media Molecule offices.

I realised that Little Big planet must have taken an INCREDIBLE amount of art to create.
Not only for the stickers that appear in the game, but also for the character designs, the objects to implement, the tools, the pod.... everything!
They even have a pack of downloadable Jon Burgerman stickers!

The art that Media Molecule do isn't people standing about looking mean with guns.
It isn't big war-torn battlefields and rocket launchers.
The things they draw are a lot more playful, a lot more cartoony, and a lot more like the kind of things I would enjoy drawing.

Its not JUST Media Molecule that do amazing art like this.
Once I started to think about it, I realised just how many games have designs that I love that all have to have been drawn by somebody before there modelled and put into the game.

Ever since then I have been in love with concept art.
I find it incredibly interesting to see all the drawings behind a character.
I love seeing how they were developed, all the different ideas people had when they were deciding how they should look.

One of my most prised possetions is my "The Art of Oddworld Inhabitants",
an amazing book full of the beautiful paintings and sketches that went into creating some of my favourite game characters of all time.
One thing that made me love the book even more, are the little stories told by artists about how the final designs came about and what inspired various aspects of the characters, there clothing, the colour of there skin...
I find Lorne Lanning, the creator of Oddworld, an incredibly inspiring man.
There are hundreds of games with art that I love.
Castle Crashers, Fat Princess, Team Fortress 2, 3d Dot Game Heroes, Maple Story, Earthworm Jim, even the doodles in Guitar Hero!

I cant believe how narrow minded and plainly stupid I was about concept art in the past, and in a way I'm ashamed to even think of it.

As I am now, I truly think that games are one of, if not the greatest for of artistic expression.
Its rare that I would consider a game a real piece of art considering the amount of plainly badly designed games in the world, but it is unquestionable that there are also a lot of games that are simply beautiful.
Not just in terms of graphics, but in the designs and storytelling as well.

I still don't really see myself getting a job for a game company, though I will not deny that I would LOVE to work for a company like Media Molecule or That Game Company, but I do find them a limitless source of inspiration.
I find myself craving more and more special editions to get my hands on the art books concealed within.

What I love about good game concept art, is that it needs to really show off what the game is about, and what the characters are like.
A well designed game character can tell you everything about there personality, how they feel to control, and maybe even hint towards there back-story.

This is something I really want to achieve with my art.
I want my characters to look perfect for there role, and I want how they look to be as much of a part of there story as the words they say or the things they do.

This is why I loved seeing that little section on my certificate, and this is why I love to see the art and hear the stories from before the characters have been finalised.

I think game art is really under-appreciated.
I hope that everybody that reads this thinks just as highly of the work these artists do as me, and for anybody that doesn't, you should spend a little time searching for concept art of a game you like.
Hopefully you will learn to love it too!

The platforming adventures of Sir Reginald.
Monday, 15 November 2010

Night doodles and halloween drawings.

Here's a few night drawings I did.
Iv been doing a lot of these lately.
I really enjoy them because I get to hide weird little meanings, philosophies and such, in them.
I'm just wondering if anybody can work out what exactly these two mean.

And here's a few drawings I did for Halloween.
Saturday, 30 October 2010

Sarcastic gamer UK podcast and beards.

For anybody who has never heard of them, you should head on over to www.sarcasticgamer.com, its a great gaming site with a series of podcasts and a great community.
This week Sarcastic Gamer launched a new podcast, SGUK.
I just listened to the first episode, and there having a competition involving beards and photos.
You win a medal of honour book and a poster signed by Chris Ryan.
I don't actually have Medal of Honour, I'm too poor to buy it after all those books i bought, but I wanted to draw beards on myself, so I'm entering anyway!

Monday, 25 October 2010

We3 by Grant Morris and Frank Quitely

We3 is a graphic novel that I stumbled upon whilst browsing Amazon.
I had never before heard of the book, but instantly found it intriguing.
The story is about three mechanically enhanced animals that are part of a government experiment to create the ultimate weapon.
The animals find a way to escape, and find themselves having to run, hide and fight to survive against the army pursuing them.

The animals, simply named 1 (dog), 2 (cat) and 3 (rabbit), are very strange and unique characters.
They are all pets that had been kidnapped from the near-bye city, and anybody who owns the pets of there own will recognise aspects of there personalities that really makes you feel for the characters.

The animals, who refer to themselves as "We3", have a limited ability to talk.
They almost have a language of there own, that can be tricky to understand at points, but truly adds to the unique brilliance of the characters.
This all adds to the great amount of sympathy and sorrow you feel for We3 throughout the book.

Just under 100 pages, We3 is fairly short read, but despite its size, it packs a real punch.
Not only is the book deeply emotional, it manages to fit in a very clear message for animal rights.
There are some moments in the book that can really make you think about what these animals are experiencing, and I can confidently say that out of all the comics I have read, this one has easily gained the strongest emotional response out of me.
The art, by Frank Quitely, is amazingly done.
Despite the characters being animals, as well as being encased in large suits of robotic armour, there expressions show extremely well.
There are certain pages in the book that are the equivalent of an all you can eat buffet for the eyes.
Everything from the page layout, to the amount of detail put into the drawings is far beyond what many comics achieve.
The use of layout is particularly impressive during the action sequences, where the charact
ers become almost animated in the way there movements are shown.
This can sometimes be a problem however, as some pages can be very difficult to follow if you do not take the time to carefully analyse everything that is happening within the panels.

I feel that many of the sequences in the comic could have had a much better impact if the book had been longer, and so more time could be taken to illustrate the events as they unfold.
There is one section towards the end of the book, which I can only best describe as a "boss" encounter without giving too much away, could have been much more dramatic were it given more pages.That isn't to say that the pages are lacking in any way, but it can be very easy to read parts without picking up on everything that happened in the panels.
We3 is an incredibly written, and illustrated book.
Beautiful, emotional, meaningful and epic are all words that anybody who has read this book will no doubt agree describe the contents.

Anybody who loves well written, unique, emotional stories with impressive art should buythis book.
But for those of you who may be more delicate hearted, this is not a particularly happy story.

Doodle of my cat Beefy as a We3 character.
We3 is written by Grant Morrison, with art by Frank Quitely, and is published by Titan Books.

New books and finished Project.

Hey there Mr Blog!
It was my birthday a few days ago, so I found myself with a pretty descent sum of money.
What did I decide to do with the money? (or at least, SOME of the money.)
Buy books!!
And because Amazon is lovely, they arrived in 2 days despite the predicted delivery date being the 27th.

I got myself 4 books:
The Book of Grickle
Jon Burgerman Pens are My Friends
Art and Design of GAMA-GO (Limited Edition)

I'm going to do a write up on each of the books as I read them, starting with We3, probably followed by Grickle.

In other news, first project for University is now finished!
Handed in last Thursday (21st)

The project was on colour.
We had to design a book sleeve and a 2 page illustration to go along with some text.
I chose to base my work on Monkey, an English translation of the 500 year old Chinese novel Journey to the West.
When I get my sketchbook back in a week or so I'll scan in the drawings I did for the project and explain a bit of what I was thinking.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Mr Abominable

Mr Abominable, originally uploaded by perpetual_mind.

Fun drawing I did of the Abominable Snow man, or Yetti.
I like to call him Mr Abominable.

For some reason Blogger isn't letting me upload the un-coloured version, so you'l have to go without!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

University and shooting myself over a gun.

Hey there Mr Blog!
Its been a while since my last post here, but I assure you I have VERY good reason.
You see, a few weeks ago I started University!!
I am now a student of Illustration, Graphic Design and Digital Media, and the first few weeks have been keeping me pretty darn busy!The weeks aren't getting any less busy now, but I really feel keeping this blog up to date will help me with my work in general.The course makes a huge deal out of writing down, drawing and generally keeping track of everything that goes through our minds, and I have a tendency to think best when I'm writing an article on something, thus, I feel my research will vastly improve if I make an article of it on this blog.
It also gives me a chance to talk about the ideas I'v had, keep track of all my work, and hopefully get some feedback from any people that take an interest.

I'l write up all about my projects, the things I learn, the artist's I discover and whatever else takes my fancy.

Now you know about all that, have a look at a drawing I did!

A few days ago I was doing a drawing of a soldier-guy, that you can see here on Flickr (p.s: I'm going to start using Flickr now too.), when I noticed that I REALLY cant draw guns.
I was still in a drawing mood when I was finished with the film, so I ended up doing a drawing to show my dislike of drawing guns.

I think its pretty clever if I do say so myself.

I was testing out a few new things with it too.

I used a m
ixture of my Pentel Brush Pen and my Rotring Art Pen for the outlines.
I really like the flexibility Using the pens in combination gives.
I also made use of my new pot of ink and paint brush, though for mothing more than filling in the large areas of black, but I've been making better use of it in a few more recent drawings, that I will probably be uploading in the near future.

After that It was the usual, colouring process for me.
Scan in, darken/solidify the outlines, clean it up a little and then colour in.
I decided to add a texture to my jacket too, just to make it stand out a bit more from the shirt.
I actually really like the way it looks having the single texture in the picture with everything else smooth colouring.
Overall, I'm pretty pleased with it.

That's all for now Mr Blog, got to get cracking with that University work.
Cthulhu Fhtagn!
Thursday, 26 August 2010

How Scott Pilgrim fans scored the home run.

I am a massive fan of Scott Pilgrim.
I first heard of the series about a year and a half ago watching a video about graphic novel's on YouTube.
The brief description of the story intrigued me, so I looked it up and have been hooked ever since.
Now, it did take me quite some time to get to read the books.
When I first heard there was a film being made, I was sceptical.
I am constantly wary of film adaptations of books or games I love after a bad experience with The Surrogates.
Fortunately though, as more was revealed of the film the more my hope grew that this would be one hell of a film.

When the game was announced I was instantly excited at the idea, and to my delight when the release date came along the game did not disappoint.
I loved everything about the game.
The art and animation are brilliantly done in an adorable style that simply oozes nostalgia to gamers.
The game play has the comforting feel of an old-school arcade fighting game without any of the troubling controls they often came with.
And the music.
My god the music.
I have never been a fan of chiptunes, but the band behind the soundtrack to this game simply did an amazing job.
Every aspect of this game is a pleasure to experience.
Every sense in your body is being pleased simultaneously.

Then comes time for the film.
I managed to see the first showing of the film on the opening day with a few of my friends.
To emphasize exactly how much i was looking forward to the film, i was listening to the game soundtrack on my Ipod whilst re-reading the last two books in the series on the train ride in to town.
There was barely anybody in the cinema to see the film, everybody else had flocked like sheep to the re-release of Avatar.
I sat in the cinema chair waiting for the film to start, and when it did I wasn't sure how exactly I felt.
At first it seemed strange to me.
To have real people portraying the characters i had grown so fond of took some getting used to.
Another thing that really threw me off was hearing the band play.
I had never really set my mind on how Sex Bob-Omb would sound, its something I had never quite decided for myself when reading the books.
But now I was actually hearing a song being played by them.

It was strange, but I couldn't help but feel a chill at it.
It was good.
None of this was perfect to the Scott Pilgrim in my head, but It was damn near that, and I liked it.
A few minutes later and any feeling of unease was gone and I was entranced by the film.

I watched the rest of the film adoring every second of it.
Every time there was a fight scene, or a song was played by any of the bands, chills ran through my body and i could not stop feeling amazed.

This has made me think.
I have loved everything that has come out of Scott Pilgrim.
I adored the books.
I have been playing the game and loving it since the day it was up on the PSN.
The film had me in a pleasure coma.
Even the music, both that in the game and the film, has amazed me!

Has this ever been experienced before?

Fair enough, there are many people who wont like these things, but to the people like me.
The fans, the gamers, the comic-readers...
Have we ever felt this before?
A series being translated across multiple forms of media and pulling it off near perfectly every time?
I find myself lucky for falling in to just the right category to love everything that has come of the series so far.
It has been an experience like no other, and it has been one I shall not soon forget.

And so, I'm interested to know...
To anybody out there who is a Scott Pilrim fan, of the books, game or film, what is your opinion on all of this?
Did you love everything that Scott Pilgrim brought to us, or were you dissapointed by anything?

Drawings, Doodles, Sketches, Artsies, Pictures...

Hey Mr Blog!
Just a simple update catching up on some of the sketches I've done lately.
There's also 3 pages of Perpetual Motion down at the bottom, all finished and nice looking!
Theres a picture of myself, for a little project I've been working on for about a week or so, followed by a quick Phillip J Fry, Brain Cat and Asian Conan!

Monday, 9 August 2010

Comic Mart and a new camcorder!!

Hey Mr Blog!
Yesterday I went with a group of my friends to a comic mart!
I hadn't really heard of it, but it was there and we went and it was fun!
There we A LOT of weeird people there...
I wont go into much detail, but: Beards, fat, old, looking at sailor moon...

We didn't really spend all that long there, we spent more time walking around in town.
I bought 2 packs that just had lots of random comics in!
Since i don't get a chance to buy comics very often, I decided Id like to have a big variety.
It seems a good way for me to read comics i never would have looked at otherwise too.
Needless to say, there are some teeerrible comics in there...
But some pretty good ones too!
I was pleased to find an issue of Wasteland, a comic by Warren Ellis, something with werewolves i assume...
I'll probably make a video about it!
Speaking of videos...
I got myself a brand new camcorder!
I got a Flip Mino the other day.
Iv been wanting to start making videos for a while now. Starting up a vlog, so when i came upon some money i used them to get a descent camcorder to do it with!
I love the idea of being able to record any events I go to for Caramel Marshmallow.

I was intending to record the comic mart yesterday as a first vlog entry, but I ended up forgetting to record once i actually got there...
But never mind!
There's always a new video opportunity just around the corner!

Cthulhu Fhtagn!
Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Rue and Okami!

Iv done 2 new drawings since my post yesterday, Mr Blog.
The first of which, is a drawing of my old character Rue.
The character is from one of the first stories i ever thought up, and its been 2 years now since i last drew him.
Me and Zara from over at Caramel Marshmallow were discussing how much our art has changed over our last two years of college, and to see for myself, i looked for a drawing i did just before college and found this, a drawing of Rue way back from when i wanted to draw manga/anime.
Needless to say, my interests in art styles have drastically changed since then, and here's the outcome of my new Rue drawing.

Just looking at the two really emphasizes how much i have changed over the last two years.
Not only has my art changed largely beyond recognition, my opinions of art in general, and the goals i set for myself in life have drastically changed too.
It just amazes me to think about everything that has happened in my time at college, and it makes me truly appreciate all of the people i have become friends with, all the times i have spent with them, all my teachers and all of those friends who are still with me even after leaving school.

In a way this has got me feeling sentimental towards my old characters as well.
I have so many stories in my head, but i always have trouble getting them out.
Its been years since iv drawn any of my characters, and drawing Rue really reminded me how fun it can be.
So i might just try drawing all of my old characters again.
Maybe I can even dig out some of my old drawings of the same characters as i used to draw them too.

Here's the drawing of Rue before it was dipped in a bucket of Photoshop, both before and after i shaded it.
And on a side note, here's a drawing I did for my friend Manda!
She is an amazing artist, and has a bizarre talent for character design.
I did my best to keep the drawing up to standards for her characters, and I'm rather pleased with it.
I definitely think iv managed to improve the hair texture from how it was in the Rue picture.
I'm quite pleased with it, as I normally don't do so well at drawing female characters.
Here you can see Manda's sketch blog!
And over here you can see her lovely lovely Deviant Art!
Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Look, a Dinasour! Also comics!

Yup, have a good look at yourself Mr Blog!
You look like a dinosaur now!!!
Pretty nifty if i do say so myself ouo~

And now that's out of the way, comics!
Yes, iv been drawing comics.
Iv started on a new webcomic that I'm putting alot of work into.
Its called Perpetual Motion, and its about a man who invents a perpetual motion machine.
Its really unlike the majority of the stories in my head, but I really like it.
Iv got the first few pages drawn up, the first two completely finished in fact.
At the moment I'm looking for a descent hosting site to put it on, so I'll get back to you on that.
I'll make a page where I'll keep some of the art as I'm working on the comic that I'll update from time to time.