Saturday, 22 February 2014

A Little Time Away

Just a short update here to explain the relatively large pause in my online presence as of late.
Due to a rather unexpected bout of illness and a few other little complications sneaking up on me I found myself quite far behind on the production of content to post on my sites.

It's taken me a little while to get speed building up again but I'm hoping to get back to more frequent posts asap.

I have a few things I'd like to try out, and a few projects stewing in my brain that I'd really like to give a go.
I'll be taking a little time to see what I'm going to be focusing on and when, so for now I've put a post up over on OddDino showing a few doodles I've done during breaks at work and on the train.
Let that satiate any thirst you have for now, more updates will be coming soon!

Saturday, 9 November 2013

People without a gaming pc are "Cheap and Lazy".

This is yet another reply to a reply I found on a gaming news site.
To give a little bit of context, the article was discussing World of Warcraft updating it's character models and had a lot of people complaining that the upgrade wasn't good enough.

It started off as a fairly simple conversation about why Blizzard, the developers of the game, might have an incentive to avoid having the game push hardware at all.
It quickly took a turn and became quite a rant form me when I read a comment stating that anybody who didn't upgrade to a more powerful gaming pc was "Cheap and Lazy" which struck me as immensely ignorant and a perfect example of one of the many mentalities that does all kinds of damage to the reputation of gaming both as a culture and as a medium as well as the communities that grow around it.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Scoff Zine, available now!

Scoff Zine is now available online for anybody to read, and it is completely free!

I have a wonderful 2 page contribution in the form of a comic called "The Wheating Room" that I managed to churn out just before the deadline hit.

It also features Jake Lawrence, also known as Timecowboy, an artist I am very fond of!

I would very much like to create more for zines such as this, so feel free to send an email to if you would happen to know of one that might be in need of some odd little comics to fill a page or two!
Monday, 23 September 2013

Interactivity is a merit on it's own.

People often have this obsession with having games re-made as films, or argue that a game would have been better off in another medium.

In example, I've just read this comment on Kotaku relating to an article about the game Journey;

"Journey was pretty good, but I don't really see why it couldn't have been an actual animated feature instead.
Like, my input into the narrative seemed trivial at best."

The interactivity was a massive part of making Journey as special as it is.
Were watching a film, two characters cheeping at each other and you not having any clue what either was saying wouldn't be that entertaining.
They would either have to give a voice and dialogue to one of the characters or make the cheeps more varied and emotional in tone so that you could get the gist of the conversation similar to WALL-E's robotic protagonists.
Everybody that plays the game has a different experience, despite the narrative events that take place in the game staying relatively the same.
Ahead are minor spoilers for Journey, and major spoilers for The Last of Us.

Ye have been warned.